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The Fences movie is the story of an African-American father tries to raise and
protect his family in the 1950s. He has been under tons of pressure in his life mostly
because of being an African American.
Denzel Washington directs and acts in this bright and richly cast adaptation of
August Wilson’s play as a garbage man who was playing baseball in his younger days. Denzel Washington talented actor brings
his playing skill on the screen with distinction, and it’s been rewarded with
four Academy Award nominations: Best Performance by an actress in a supporting role, best motion picture of the year,
best performance by an actor in a leading
role and best-adapted screenplay and they
won the Academy Award for the best actress in supporting role. The fact this
movie had been nominated for the best
motion picture and the best actor and the best-adapted-screenplay
are proving that the Fences had very high overall quality. 

One of the themes of Fences is the way in which racism affects
the characters dreams at the beginning Troy wants to be the first African
American person to drive a garbage truck rather than just lift cans, and his
son, Cory wants to go to college on
football scholarship but because of racism and he thinks the same thing will
happen to his son. Troy doesn’t want his son to be hurt from Sports the same
way he was hurt.

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themselves are major themes. Rose imagines the fence around the
house as a way to protect the family and keep them safe. Fences are barriers
that divided whites from blacks.

Most of the Fences is set
in the 1950s. There had been some progress made on race relations after this
time, such as the addition of African Americans to the sports teams, huge
movement in the art and music between African Americans.

When we look back at our own
American history we realize the negativity of segregation on the minorities and
racism caused African Americans do not have the equal rights to looking for
jobs, starting their own business and sometimes they shot down the movie theaters
that belonged to them.