The Hobbit Essay

The road towards self discovery truly is one with numerous hardships and conflicts. In the story “The Hobbit” the central character Bilbo Baggins undergoes many situations in which he discovers himself.

In the story “The Hobbit” Hobbits are described as little people who love good food, comfort, and security being more then contented with just living a nice and quiet lifestyle. Even though most Hobbits seem to be like these people Bilbo’s ancestery on his mother’s side is full of adventurous Hobbits, Bilbo has not chosen this lifestyle and lives in his neat little home under the hill.Through out the novel Bilbo discovers how brave he can be, how courageous he really is and discovers a new confidence in himself he never knew before. Bilbo`s character change first begins to appear evident when he accepts the request from Gandalf the Wizard to go on their quest for the treasure. Bilbo usually would decline such an offer but tales of treasure and dragons fill his mind full of great adventures and reluctantly accept the offer.

His first test that he experiences which leads to his transformation was when he was appointed by the dwarves to go steal from the trolls. All of the other dwarves look on as Bilbo begins his quest to become a burglar. When he was captured he wanted his companions to leave him there so they would not suffer the same fate as he imagined he would by getting eaten by the trolls.

This is also a form of bravery when he will sacrifice his friends and to most considered more brave then fighting or other forms of violence.Another time Bilbo shows his bravery would be when he must walk into Smaugs den by himself to see if there really is treasure located inside the mountain. When he gets in there he meets Smaug but instead of running he decides to try and out smart the dragon before he runs away with a cup he stole on the dragon.

One final act of bravery Bilbo does in the novel is when he shouts to his friends to warn them when the Goblins are coming to take them away. Instead of trying to run away undetected he yells to give his friends a chance at escaping.Another thing Bilbo inherits throughout his journey would be how courageous he is.

One example of this would be when his friends are trapped in Mirkwood forest and Bilbo has to confront the spider in order to save his friends. Bilbo slays the spider with his sword which he then names sting as many other famous warriors have done throughout the years. Bilbo then begins to realize his strength and by naming his sword after his defeated his first foe it seems as though he is beginning to see himself as more of a warrior.Bilbo is also courageous when he has to outsmart Gollum. If he did not out smart him Bilbo could possibly have been eaten so he had to stand up to him and beat him at his own game. Bilbo also displays his courage when he stands up to Thorin and gives Bard the stone. This was a courageous act because of the fact that he knew that he crossed the leader Thorin but in his heart he knew it was the right thing to do.

Throughout his journey with his other fellow Hobbits Bilbo is forced to overcome the obstacles that are put forth in front of him.As Bilbo faces his challenges and succeeds at these tasks he beings to get a new found confidence in himself. This starts to become evident to the reader first when he kills the spider with his sword.

This experience makes him feel ““much fiercer and bolder in spite of an empty stomach. ” From that point on Bilbo begins to make important decisions regarding the group when Gandalf was not there to lead them. At the end of the novel Bilbo gave Bard the stone to settle the fight with the humans, which at the beginning of the novel Bilbo would not have dared crossed Thorin and give away the stone.The road to self discovery for Bilbo was one that was definitely not an easy but it was worth while none the less.

His quest was full of adventurous moments and some bleak looking times as well but for Bilbo it was an adventure he had to take to realize how great he really is. This novel can inspire people to get out and try new things as well and maybe they to can learn some new things about themselves they never knew possible just like Bilbo did.