The name plate outside the home. v Place


The word “vastu”
derives from Sanskrit mythology which means a dwelling or a plot of land.vastu
basically defines a place to live,dwell and reside.the term “shastra” means teaching or doctrine.

So, Vastu Shastra means doctrines of dwelling.

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The universe is composed of five basic elements.
Fire,Air,Space,Earth and water.these are the mediums through which we receives
internal and external energies.

The main principle of vastu shastra is to get
the maximum benefits in human’s life through placing the five elements in their
respective positions as these five elements are the sources of natural power.




before moving on the concept of vastu shastra we
have clearer concept of basic five main elements as they are capable of giving
the we humans always need for every activities we require to do.As
these all five elements are necessary elements used in construction work.these
five elements are also called panch

on the contrary grounds,by following 100%
vastu,we wont be able to construct a building because that is not possible.



v Have
a name plate outside the home.

v Place
holy water (ganga) in home.

v Hand
windchimes in house.

v No
mirrors in bedrooms

v Land
plot will be in square or rectangle.

v Center
denotes,it must be free from an object and obstruction.

v North
east is the ideal place for prayer room.

v The
kitchen should be in south –east direction which is often called as agnikond.

v Study
room should be designed in such a way that who so ever studies must either face
east or north side.

v A
Buddha statue is a web to positive feeling. So place Buddha statue .

v “purple”
is the color of wealth in as in terms of vastu. So plan for purple color in
your space.