The Homeless Dilemma Essay

The Homeless DilemmaThe article “The Homeless Dilemma” by Marta Sherrill proves that a street is not a home and homeless dilemma is one of the most painful in the country. Homeless people face a number of challenges as hunger, bad weather conditions, and increased risk to become ill with tuberculosis. However, the author extends the definition ‘homeless’ and says that street person, free spirit, unemployed persona and vagabond are all ‘homeless’. Statistics shows that more than half of homeless people are alcoholics and drug addicts, whereas one-third is represented by mentally ill people. Experts say that psychotics are the most dangerous among the homeless as they are not responsible for their actions.Further, according to official reports, more than 500,000 individuals are homeless – they are slipping in the polls.

The author writes that “sixty-six percent of the country believes they have ruined parks and public places, according to a recent national survey done by social scientists at Columbia University”, whereas other believe that they must be forbidden to panhandle in the public. All these issues constitute the homeless dilemma as homeless is not simply having no place for living. People are concerned with mentally ill people in the streets and they say such people should be sent to mental hospitals disregarding their desire as they are socially dangerous.Interestingly, a person sees less than ten homeless people per year. Many people claim they would pay more taxes to solve homeless problem, but would it be really solved? Some argue that we are to be responsible for homeless. But are we? There are many questions and fewer answers and it seems homeless dilemma is eternal and no laws would solve it.

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And Sherrill claims that it is the terror that drives our concern for the homeless, not the sense of guilt.