The horse and buffalo to Native Americans Essay

Buffalos are valuable resources to the Native Americans as they provide basic needs and food to them. While the use of horses in late 1500s further enhanced Native Americans’ hunting ability. Native Americans are not born to ride. In 1598, there were a lot of Spanish settlers moved to New Mexico. They used Native Americans as slaves and workers. During this period, Native American workers and slaves learnt about horses. They started to train a horse and learn how to ride them.

Above information told you why Native Americans used horse for hunting.Now, I want to tell you a story which interprets how a Native American actually hunts. In 1651, a kid called Bidzill, who was a Native American attempted to hunt his first buffalo. The night before the hunt, Bidzill felt really anxious.

He afraid that he would be killed by a buffalo which is six feet tall , and weigh about as much as 10 people. Luckily, history told him that buffalo did not see well; therefore he could make use of its weakness and try his best to get his first kill tomorrow. The hunt eventually began.Bidzill was riding a pony. All around him were Native Americans who yelling and cheering for him. With great support from his peers, Bidzill stand in front a huge buffalo with his pony confidently, and started to shoot with his arrow. Unfortunately, Bidzill missed his first shot. He then rush to the back of the buffalo immediately and started another shot.

This time, Bidzill did hit the target, but unfortunately, the shot could not kill the buffalo instantly. Now, Bidzill was in a difficult situation.As a rookie, he couldn’t do much. His father, Kondi yelled, “Come back, son! Try it again next time! It’s no big deal! ” After Bidzill heard that, he listened to his father and head back to his home. In Native American culture, there is no dishonor attached if he was not successful.

‘The second hunt’ is common for the young Native Americans, so Bidzill can try his luck next time. When people successfully killed a buffalo, they would make use all part of it to make different things which satisfy their needs.