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  The book The Double Helix by James D Watson has 4 main characters the author James Watson, Francis crick, Rosalind Franklin, and Maurice Wilkins.  Francis is James Watson partner and is basically the main man when it comes to the duo. He is a  very mature and intelligent 35 year old english man. He was known for how much passion he had for the work he was doing and was admired by James Watson and was intimidating towards others because of people knew he would one day be successful. Because of the experience and knowledge of DNA he was able to contribute a lot to the team. Before Francis started working with James on the DNA project James and him worked on a different project that involved X-RAY diffraction. he soon gave up his passion for physics to be hands on with DNA research.   Another important person is his partner James Watson he is the author of The Double Helix and discovered the structure for DNA. James is a senior in college and  has a pretty backhand personality. He enjoys talking about how horrible his life is which shows he’s able to make some jokes about things that might not be so great. James is pretty grateful he takes something that is going bad in his life and makes something good out of it. He isn’t what you’d think a typical scientist is like. You probably assume scientist are serious and really only like to discuss and get hands on into science. James Watson proves not all scientist are like that in the start of the book he starts off with saying he’s on a ski trip which displays he likes to have some fun and not just focus of science all day.  He is also a man who appreciates beauty as he makes it clear the Rosaline was not beautiful and quickly knew what made her unattractive. He was Francis’s partner and they often helped each other with new discoveries and were there for each other when they made mistakes. James was able to contribute to the discovery of DNA because of his experience with science. Without James and Francis discovering the structure of DNA when they did the credit for finding the structure could have gone to Rosaline and Maurice.   Maurice was a London bachelor working in Kings college. In the beginning Francis, James, and Maurice were all working together to discover DNA. Maurice was admired by James because he had the ability to take clear pictures of DNA that would turn out to be helpful. James thought he was such a great man that he hoped he would get with his sister Elizabeth. He was described as an intelligent and noble man by James Watson.   Another main character was Rosalind was Maurice’s assistant and was often underestimated reason being because she was a female scientist. James thought Rosalina was intelligent and was told to be very skilled at taking clear pictures of DNA. Rosaline contributed a lot to help discover the mystery of DNA but was often only seen as an assistant not a partner. She was stubborn and often was not afraid to  argued with watson, her intelligence was often underappreciated for the skills she had.