The Hunger: A Review Essay

The Hunger: A Review

            Movies have a way of catching the attention of the people. For the most part, each film has a way of incorporating themes that may be share with viewers. Sexuality is one of those few factors that has been given a great deal of attention in both films and television. However, sexuality has been treated with great respect for art in the 1983 film, “The Hunger”.

            Directed by Tony Scott, the film was an adaptation of a novel, with the same title that chronicled the life of a mysterious vampire couple. The film was somewhat considered sexual for the numerous scenes shown all throughout. The mysterious vampire, sMiriam Blaylock, was portrayed to be attractive and sensual regardless of who was in front of her. Both men and women were easily drawn to her beauty, becoming her prey and newest member of the collection.

            Miriam’s beauty surpassed that of any living creature in the world. This was one of the numerous characteristics that placed sexuality as the main theme of the film. Also, the film showed how Miriam was able to catch the attention of Dr. Sarah Roberts that led them to engage in lesbian activities. However, the sensuality that Miriam exhibits towards her victims is also her greatest power in manipulating their lives.

As seen in the film, Miriam was impossible to dismiss because of her attractive features. I was not surprised that she was able to manipulate any individual that came her way. However, I came to the conclusion that Miriam’s sensuality would become the ultimate cause of her destruction. True enough, Sara became the reason for Miriam’s defeat.

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Shortbus: A Review

There are numerous things that we attribute life to. Some have opted to be contented with what life had to offer, while others explored what was laid in front of them. Sexuality is considered to be one of the most misunderstood factors in the lives of people. For the most part, sexuality has been attributed to becoming intimate with people, and nothing more.

The film, “Shortbus”, directed by John Cameron Mitchell, mirrored the real essence of sexuality. People from different walks of life exemplified the fact that there is more to what their life had to offer. Sensuality was somewhat defined in the film as a way for people to let their partners the kind of intimacy they could give.

In so doing, much of the realities in life were also shown in the film. Same sex relationships and orgies were also openly shown in the film as accepted by society. The scenes mirrored the numerous realities that not many people could easily accept. More so, using real sex in the production of this film is quite surprising, yet very effective. It gives the scenes some raw emotion that other people have difficulty portraying. In this regard, the true emotions of the actors are revealed through these sexual encounters.

I must say that the film mirrored what others wanted the whole world to see. “Shortbus” was filmed as a post 9/11 movie, and is a reflection of the American life in general. Through the realities presented, we can not help but open our perspectives to the realities and ideologies that we try to escape from. As Americans, the respect and expectations from people is quite high. However, these people also have to remember that we are not perfect, for we are also human.

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