The Immigration Experience Essay

The Immigration Experience            Cultural diversity refers to the concept or issue of differences or distinctions in culture as dictated by one’s race, ethnicity, and cultural background.

Since the dawn of globalization, which consequently led to the onset of immigration, cultural diversity has been one of the most important issues discussed all over the world. It has become one of the greatest challenges that society should overcome since cultural diversity is heavily influencing the kind or level of acceptance or recognition granted to the process of immigration and the immigrants themselves. (Political Research Associates)            The main reason why most people choose to go to other countries is to look for greener pastures. Immigrants often leave their nation in order to look for jobs, and other needs that other countries are capable of providing them. (Opare) However, immigration raises numerous issues, particularly the issue of cultural diversity, and is intensified by other factors such as competition on available jobs and services, etc.

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Apparently, complaints pitted against immigration are rooted from the intensified competition brought about by the influx of immigrants from other countries. Natural-born citizens complain about the benefits and services provided to individuals from other countries, which is then backed up by racial or ethnic bias and prejudice. (Belanger)            From language proficiency, to moral or ethical perspectives, the rights and privileges provided to immigrants, to the demonstrations held against government grants to immigrants who are seen as non-citizens of the country, cultural diversity is breaking apart immigration. For these reasons, people are finding cultural diversity or the differences between cultures as a justification for rallies and demonstrations against immigration.

Therefore, cultural diversity then is also challenging globalization which strongly supports multiculturalism. One important thing that we should establish is how to reconcile the differences between cultures in order to draw out the advantages and contributions that people and nations will be able to gain from immigration.Works CitedBelanger, Marc. (2006). “Immigration, Race, and Economic Globalization on the U.

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