The Impact of Non-Financial Resources Essay


MOHAMMED Ad AND Publication CompanyAs a consultancy I advise Mohammed to take his location in BOSHAR because there is population of people and besides many schools and colleges are their so he can acquire a batch of net income through population of people and besides there is no company of publication and advertisement company over at that place.And besides I advise Mohammed to take his trade name name for the company because it can assist him to be celebrated in Oman and ca n’t steal his trade name name.The followers are the physical and technological resources:PHYSICAL RESOURCESThis is most of import of running the organisation of advertisement and printing company.

physical resources include edifice and equipment.BuildingOur capital foremost as a consultancy we need to purchase a edifice in order to make our concern good alternatively of rent it cost in the budgetABOUT THE BuildingIt will dwell three offices, two lavatories, one storage room, and one for fist assistance room. Each room will be provided doors, Windowss and besides declaration of the company in order to pull the more clients.ABOUT EACH ROOM

  • Ashcan: in each offices, lavatory and first assistance room
  • Water lights-outs: in lavatory and first assistance room
  • Toilet sinks: in lavatory
  • Soap ; in lavatory
  • lavatory paper ; in lavatory

All the physical resources as consultancy we ordered from NIZWA because it is non far off from NIZWA so we can budget our money.THREE Offices:The first office for general director and the 2nd office for finance manage and the 3rd for the other workers because it is office of publication and advertisement company it did n’t many offices it is little concern.

Two lavatoryOne lavatory will be for adult male or male and the other lavatories is for adult female or female. So it helps a company to hold their ain lavatoryONE StoreroomThis help our merchandise to be safe in a company so our merchandise can remain in a safe topographic point and do non interrupt.ONE FOR FIRST AIDThis is one among of the physical resources it help a company when there is exigency accident or little hurt they can handle people in the company alternatively of taking him or her to the infirmaryAs a stability I advise him to purchase a edifice alternatively of leasing when Mohammed it will be every month to pay for rent so it is better to purchase edifice.EquipmentBesides they are needed equipment in order to make their concern easy of publication and advertisement company.Approximately EQUIPMENT

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Storage CABINET
  • Sofa

TablesThis aid in office to set things in a safe topographic point like files papers, computing machines and other a consultancy I will rede him to order from MarbellaChairsThis aid clients and employees to sit in safe topographic point alternatively of standing it take a batch of consultancy I will rede Mohammed to order chairs from BARKA.Storage CABINETThis cabinet aid attach to to set their file in safe topographic point and demo clearly the files from the first twelvemonth you start up to the twelvemonth continue.

SofaThis help a clients to wait for the services. This we order from RUI in MUSCUT because they are is good quality of furniture.As a consultancy I will rede him to purchase all will equipment in Oman because it will take one month circuit equipment in Oman because it will take one month to acquire our equipment and the monetary value it will be 25 Oman RIAL to all equipment include tabular arraies chairs couch and storage cabinet.Technological ResourceAre those resources are utilizing in publication and advertisement company.MachineryTo get down a concern Mohammed mast purchase a machinery which is needed in advertisement and publication order to make occupation easy and it can non blow clip.Approximately MACHINERY

  • Printing
  • Copyright
  • Computer

PrintingIn a concern of advertisement and printing company Mohammed mast be purchasing publishing alternatively of typing this aid to make concern easy.

This are order from Dubai it will easy to make and it didn’t take long clip.AIR CONDITIONThis mast be consist in each room because as we see in Oman status if it is hot season if their employee they ca n’t make work because of hot season. This we ordered from metropolis centre.ComputerThis aid a company to hive away their informations in safe topographic point in computing machine and put many files you want. This order from RUHI.As a consultancy I will rede him to purchase his merchandise in Oman because it is good quality and it didn’t take a long clip to make and besides you will acquire merchandise you want non like online sometime they change the merchandise.LicenseThis is really of import in a company to hold license in order to protect the company, as a consultancyI willadvise him to take a licence first it will assist him to get down concern of the permission of the authorities.

HUMAN, PHYSICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL REASSOURCESHUMAN RESOURCEIs really of import in set up of advertisingpublishing company. This organisation aid employee to execute good and besides it increase many clients in a company. A concern can pull off by preparation, motive and personal development by developing people as people who have adequate experience and accomplishments required in company of advertisement and publication company. In order to file away their organisation goods and aim.Changeless alteration of different demand as we can see how the juncture alteration harmonizing to period of clip sometime clients buy more and sometime they cut down to purchase so we must set employee who have adequate accomplishments in order to bring forth different merchandise.This human resource helps to pull off the concern of publication and advertisement company as a consultancyPHYSICAL RESOURCESWhen we are looking at it we looking the betterment can be make certain that resources are maintained in a concern this is indispensable for the concern in activities and running the concern. This is really of import in a company because it will assist concern to increase a state.

This includes edifice, equipment and shops.Business as a concern demand edifice in order to acquire betterments because constructing it helps employee to make their occupation easy and in safe topographic point so when we start concern foremost of all we must acquire edifice foremost and it is better to purchase constructing it can assist in our budget so purchase a edifice is one among the betterment can be done.Equipment this is necessities in concern if it is deficiency of equipment or bad direction it may cut down clients in a company so equipment besides must be in a company.

Security this besides is one among the betterment can be done in a company if something happen we can utilize CCTV and security dismay in order to cognize the 1 who is stole.So this are among of the betterments of perform the concern and better Ba concern good.Technological ResourceThere are betterment that can execute to manage.Technological resource include rational belongings licence and experience and accomplishments this are intangible things.

Experience and accomplishments this can assist to better the public presentation of his concern as we see in gingers company they are employees who are working more than 5 old ages it better a company public presentation because they know how to manage a company and how to acquire possible clients of their experience. If experience individual wants to go forth the organisation it would be difficult to happen person who have same accomplishments like we must developing people through work force in order to replace a individual who have accomplishments so that to endorse up a concern.Software license company all mast have license in order to acquire permission to the authorities because some other people are choping the information or thoughts of the company for illustration in gingers company they didn’t show clearly their information so you must acquire a licence this can better the public presentation of the concern.

Intellectual belongings is the thought of the right peoples can make up one’s mind good thoughts and bad thought when we are saying concern. This besides required to the operation of Mohammed when he get downing a concern to cognize good thing which can do him to acquire net income.These physical, human and technological resources aid Mohammed to get down concern of advertisement and publication company because it will be easy for him.

IMPROVEMENT OF MANAGING RESOURCES AND CONTROLLING THE BUDGETI agree that pull offing resources and commanding budget costs can better the public presentation of advertisement and publication company through commanding their cost to budget their money in we see ever money traveling in and out of the concern so he mast budget his money.Budget is a program of salvaging sum of money, adoption and disbursement for illustration in advertisement and publication company the net income they will acquire mast budget in order to pay other things like electricity, H2O, and tax..Because when we budget our money it help a company to better the public presentation of the concernHUMAN RESOURCEThis can assist to better the concern public presentation in a concern by developing employee this aid to acquire first-class client services lead to the betterment of repute. By improved the cognition of cognizing merchandise like publishing merchandise of Samsung its good or bad to the company through gross for illustration purchasing of machines to cognize the quality.

Motivating the employees set fiscal marks as a fillips for illustration employee who work hard Mohammed give a gift by purchasing him a phone for free or giving him a fillip of money as a gift.Decision doing the twenty-four hours when we he get downing a concern he mast is truly do desire to work and he can acquire net income and non to acquire loss so fist he mast acquire a determination.PYSICAL RESOURCEIs one among of the betterment of concern public presentation in a concern of publication and advertisement in a company.Stock As a consultancies I advice Mohammed to set his stock in particular room in order to which merchandise are available or non this aid clients to purchase what they want and what they need in order to better client satisfaction they can set their stock nearby population of people.

This besides aid to increase market portion through bring forthing, merchandising, publication and advertisement in order to acquire clients trueness and it addition Mohammed to derive more net income and to make his ends.Technological ResourceThis is one among of the betterment in a concern public presentation. As a consultancy I agree this statement because it helps client to acquire merchandise purchase utilizing computing machine through purchasing online and acquire precisely merchandise they are taking in 20 four hours.In my sentiment I agree this managing and commanding budget better the public presentation of the concern. As a consultancy when we budget our money it help a company to derive net income and non loss and aid Mohammed to make his end when his concern grow so to budget money it is a good manner in a company.

Besides Mohammed has an chance and experience of publication and advertisement company.REFFERENCES:PHYSICAL RESOURCESRETRIVED 2014 FROMhypertext transfer protocol: // RESOURCERETRIVED2014-12-30 ( in you tube )