The Impact of Technology in the Society Essay

The Impact of Technology in the Society            Improvements in technology have brought various benefits to mankind, but alongside these benefits are disadvantages that have also brought inevitable consequences to human society. Whether technology brings positive and negative changes in the human fabric, the lives of every individual today are undeniably affected by technology in almost every way imaginable.

            For the most part, every aspect of human living such as food production, transportation, medicine, business, education, and the likes has benefited from this advancement. With the advent of technology, food production has become faster and has significantly decreased the need for labor. Medicine on the other hand has seen the eradication of diseases that were once considered as deadly. Various discoveries have been made in order to lengthen life span, and to this date, continuous efforts are made in order to create solutions to health issues that hinder man’s productivity. No other point in history has technology become a more crucial aspect of medicine than today (Scott, 2009).From riding horses to riding trains, buses, ships, and planes, technology has made traveling much easier, faster, safer, and more comfortable for humans. Similarly, business and communication alike has benefited from the fruition of industrialization, and bore witness to the rise of commercialization through the use of technology.

Meanwhile, education also has had its share of technological use as the rise of computers paved way for students and teachers alike to gain access to information that were once limitedly available. With all these, it is safe to say that technology indeed has catapulted humans to success in every field possible.While it may be true that technology became a constructive element for the improvement of society, it should not be discounted that it also brought about destructive aspects in the society. Some technologies are now used in order to inflict pain among humans.

War has been one of the most destructive results brought by technological advancement as seen from numerous deaths caused by bombs, firepower, and chemical warfare. Nonetheless, industrialization caused by improvements in technology also adversely affects the environment which is apparent with global warming and other hazards that threaten earth life as a whole.It should also not be overlooked that technologies such as computers serve as a breathing ground for internet crimes ranging from stealing of personal information to worse schemes such as prostitution and the destabilization of a nation’s infrastructure (Kay, 2009). More importantly, because of man’s inclination towards these technologies, humans are slowly losing the most basic of their survival skills and are dramatically becoming the slaves of technology. As Albert Einstein once quoted: “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity” (cited in Hernandez, 2009, n.

p.).Just like every aspect in life, there will always be something positive and negative about technology. However, it is still within man’s intellect whether these technologies would be applied for construction or destruction.

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