The importance of love and affection as well as the caution that needs to be taken Essay

AbstractThis is a short story focusing the life of Anthony and his relationship with some of his family members. The story is developed in an urban setup showing the hardships faced by Anthony, his brother and his grandfather during their endeavors of meeting their daily needs. Based on the story, Anthony’s grand father has a cat referred to as Gilbert; which he loves so much and goes to the extent of stealing so as to get money so as to be able to treat it. From the stolen suitcases, Anthony’s grandfather is able to get some valuables while Anthony gets some tapes and albums of a lady called Maggie; from which Anthony is driven crazy by the albums deciding to search for Maggie.

Based on the story, Maggie sounded like a queen but on the contrary Anthony came to realize that she was a drunkard, ugly and old. In this situation, Anthony could not believe his ears thus got disappointed deeply.The life of Anthony and his familyThe story is developed at an urban setup; where in this case it focuses on the careers of Anthony’s brother and his grandfather who appear to be performing hard tasks so as to earn a living. From the story, Anthony is brought up in an extended family whereby the man referred to as his grandfather is not his biological grandfather. In addition, Anthony lived with his brother Noah at Gulfport before he traveled to Albuquerque where he lived with his grandfather. The story is one of its kinds where in this case the time period of events within the story is within duration of less than 2 months (Anthony, 1986).Based on the Story the main character is Anthony; where in this case Anthony plays a key role in the development of the story from the beginning to the end.

Further, the life and behavior of Anthony is the main focus of the story whereby within the story the different phases of Anthony’s life are portrayed. At the start, Anthony lived with his brother Noah before he moved to live with his grandfather. In this case Anthony’s grandfather is really the main opponent of Anthony since they have differed in many instances within the story.

In addition, the cat referred to as Gilbert is used as a symbol which in this case symbolizes the treasure of the grandfather. Based on the story, the grandfather’s cat was at times a cause of conflict between Anthony and his grandfather and at another instance they differed about the stolen luggage. In addition, Anthony differed with his grandfather about Maggie who he referred to as his girlfriend (Anthony, 1986).The use of conflict is widely used within the flow of the story where internal conflicts within the characters as well as the external conflicts between characters are depicted. From the start of the story, there is a healthy relationship between Anthony and his grandfather but as time passes by, things turn change for the worse. The deteriorating of the grandfather’s cat was the start of conflicts; where in this case Anthony didn’t see the meaning of spending a lot of time and resources in treating the cat. In this case, the health status of Gilbert was deteriorating thus Anthony’s grandfather decided that something had to be done urgently so as to rescue it from dying.

Further, Anthony and his grandfather stole four big suitcases and a little green backpack taking them home where they unveiled the contents. To their pleasure they managed to get some valuables though not up to their expectations; after which Anthony’s grandfather sold some of the cameras and the other valuables at good prices while Anthony retained the backpack (Anthony, 1986).Anthony’s character and personality is depicted to be wicked; where in this situation an overwhelming love built up in Anthony for an imaginary lady, ‘Maggie’ to an extent that he went crazy for her.

As a result, Anthony could not resist his desire for Maggie thus went on to search for her. Based on the story, Maggie’s address were in the backpack so Anthony succeeded in getting to her residence. On the contrary Maggie’s behavior, age and appearance were a big contrast of what Anthony expected; where the contrast in Maggie’s behavior shows the use of irony within the story. Further, Anthony nearly panicked when he confirmed that the drunk, old and disorderly lady was Maggie. Based on the story, this is the point when Anthony was deeply disappointed to a point which he could not believe.

The contrast of the lady who sounded like a queen and whose age could not have been above 25years almost turned the world apart for Anthony. Anthony’s wickedness is also shown when he helped his grandfather in stealing the suitcases; based on which Anthony’s grandfather is depicted as a caring and loving man as in this case he took care of Anthony’s mother and brother as well as the cat (Anthony, 1986).ConclusionThe story addresses a wide variety of issues thus managing to attract the attention of a varied coverage of audience. The issues of family, relationship, theft, career and personality among others are adequately tackled. There are a number of minor characters like Noah, his wife and Maggie; but whose roles prove very significant within the story for instance Maggie playing a distinctive in bringing out the character of Anthony. In addition, the role of Noah can’t be taken for granted since he helped show the role of a real brother.

The story further has a good flow; as it has a good sequence of events thus being in a position to catch the readers’ attention. Further, the story is very educative as in this case the aspects of family ties, love, education and work are highlighted (Anthony, 1986).ReferencesAnthony, P. (1986).On a pale horse.

California: Del Rey press.