The Importance of Matter Cycling in the Ecosystem Essay

The Importance of Matter Cycling in the Ecosystem            The ecosystem has various types of processes which are needed in order to create a regular cycle in the environment. Through the various cycles done by the ecosystem, the normality in terms of climate, animal cycles, nitrogen cycle and the likes are being regulated. Therefore, distracting the cycle will create irregularity in the environmental conditions as well as in the various entities that the environment holds such as the animals, insects, etc.In the ecosystem, several types of cycles can be observed. One of the most common cycles is the water cycle or the hydrolic cycle (“The Water Cycle,” 2009).

This cycle can be often noticed during a rainy day through the process of water absorption (evaporation) and rain fall (condensation). Through this, one can watch the process of water cycle take place. However, beneath the observable process, most people do not realize that there are other processes involved in it.

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            In the water cycle, a few stages have to take place in order to complete the natural cycle of the ecosystem. The first process is the precipitation; this pertains to any type of particle that is solid or liquid which comes from the atmosphere and arrives at the ground. The various types of precipitation are: “rain, drizzle, snow, snow grains, snow pellets diamond dust, hais and ice pellets” (“Precipitation,” 2009, n.p.

). The heat which is provided by the sun supplies energy in order for the water to evaporate from the surface of the earth such as various water formations (e.g., sea, lakes, oceans, etc.). Plants are also affected by evaporation of water; therefore, they lose “water to the air (transpiration)” (“Water Cycle,” 2009).

After such process, the water vapor then condenses which creates tiny formation of clouds from droplets. Following the process, the formed clouds then congregates with the cool air over the land. The process of precipitation is generated, after which the water goes back to the land or to other water forms. Some of the water which comes from the precipitation process also goes into the ground. In addition, some of the water from the last process is occasionally trapped in between clay layers as well as rocks. These types of water are called ground water.

However, most of the water flows from the hills, which eventually travels to bigger bodies of water.            At present, it is known that climate change has created a significant impact to the daily lives of individuals. Although it was announced in the past that the climate change would be one of the most difficult challenges that would be faced by the next generation, the international community did not pay much attention to it. In terms of water cycle, it is evident that it has been greatly affected by the climate change. Since one of the most active processes in the ecosystem is the water cycle, the excessive absorption of unnatural chemicals creates a grave change during the precipitation such as changing of weather in various parts of the world.            In order to lessen the impacts of the changes caused by the climate change, the public must be more responsible of the consumer goods they buy.

First and foremost, cars utilize fuels which excrete greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Thus, consumption of fuels must be lessened, or the utilization of renewable energy must be implemented by the government. People must also be educated about the climate change in order to increase their awareness of its effects and encourage them to help reduce its negative impacts. In addition, organizations that do not give attention to the ecosystem must not be patronized to bring awareness to all the people in various parts of the world. With a conical consumption of dangerous chemicals which tamper the richness bestowed by mother earth to all living things, everyone would be able to live in a much healthier environment (United Nations Environment Programme [UNEP], 2009). We must remember that climate change is not similar to any conflicts faced by the global community; it surpasses the territorial boundaries of every nation. Thus, each person in the planet must do his or her part in lessening the harmful effects of climate change.

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