The Important of Music Essay

Nowadays, There are many things that people can choose to make they relax.

Some people like to go to the movie theatres whereas others prefer going for a walk with friends or family members. Some people desire to go sightseeing in the country in their free time while others go shopping in their free time. Others can go fishing, cycling, camping, watching television or movies, reading, or even drawing. However, one of the most common practical ways that can make people relax is listening to music. Music is in every part of the world.It is a critical element in people’s lives at different times and for difference reasons. It can play an essential role in their everyday life. People listen to music every day and even sometimes do not realize it.

There are many resources where people can listen to music. They can listen to the radio while at home or driving their cars. They can turn on the TV or computer and watch movies where music influences their mind and makes them tremble at the fear from the sound they hear in the movies. However, what is it in the music that makes it very powerful and influent on people?Why do many people like listening to it, and why is it important to them? Music has a great influence on most people. Different people might claim different reasons of why they listen to music and why it is important to them. There are many reasons that I have found out music is important.

First, music is a universal language. As we know, each country has their language and culture. Nevertheless, with the help of music it inspires common human feelings and gaps between cultures that spoken languages cannot, which has been used in heart-to-heart communications.Although, you do not understand a language in the song, you can get its motion by its musical part and its melody and able to appreciate it. Now, in Cambodia, many people like to listen to the song of another language even they do not understand the meaning of the song, but they enjoy it as well.

Second, music help connect people. Music brings people together and creates universal community. As we know that, there are many social music sites where you can make playlists and share them with others over the internet and chat about the songs they like and do not like.It increases the connection between nations to another. Third, must people think music can make them feel relax or relieve stress from the long day work or study and refresh their mind, so we will have balanced state of mind.

Many of them prefer to listen to music in the evenings. For example, students who study at two or three different school per day might feel very tired and stressful, so they listen to music to help them relax. Overall, we can say that music has the ability to keep our state of mind in equilibrium and provide them relax atmosphere. Fourth, some people may say music often helps them to cheer up.

Their moods can change from dark and depressed to extremely excited and happy with just the selection of the right track. Take me as an example, when something is bothering me, or when I feel sad or depressed, I will turn on my MP3, computer, or radio and listen to some of my favourite songs. It helps me to feel better about everything, leave my troubles behind. Similarly, in many more situations, we tend to take the help of music as well. Alternatively, music can express people’s emotion when they happy, sad, or excited. It inspires people and allows them to get in touch with their emotions in a way that is unique.For those who find it difficult to express ourselves, music can evoke reactions.

Most songwriters claim that they write the song according to what they feel. If they feel sad, they could not write a happy song. The same thing happens to most other people who sing when they like to express their feeling heart fully in the form of song lyrics or playing music to relieve their emotion.

Music has strong influence on our heart when we listen to those words composed in musical form, which have very great meaning upon them. Another reason is music can be benefit for people’s brain development.Music uses both sides of the brain, thus resulting in the overall development of the brain.

In fact, several researches proved that the all four of the cortex’s lobes are activated when the brain is involved in musical activity. In fact, during these musical tasks, even the cerebellum of the brain is activated. A musician has to constantly make decisions about the elements of music, like form, timbre, melody, etc and also tempo, tone, rhythm etc. This helps in enhancing the ability of the brain to become very good at multitasking and organizational abilities.It improves abilities of expression and enhances intelligence of a person. One more reason is that listening to music will also enhance people’s creativity.

Studies have proven that music can be a good way of helping your imagination goes to new heights. Listening to music as well as drawing or writing can improve their creativity. Furthermore, music can reflect the culture and history of a country. It has been an important part of many traditional occasions such as wedding, birthday, funeral, and others religion or traditional ceremony.The kind of music a person listening to can also tell where that person from and what kind of culture he is in.

Above all, music is also important at school. Several studies have shown how music enhances life. According to the United State Texas Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Report, released in 1999, students in secondary schools who had participated in some form of band or orchestra were less prone to indulge in substance abuse. Also more students who performed music or took classes in music appreciation and related subjects scored high marks as compared to their other classmates.

In fact, many colleges believe that an active interest in the arts and music broadens a student’s mind and allows him or her to appreciate the world more. It contributes heavily to the social and intellectual growth of student. Besides, music is also important to society, is that it increases the attraction that tourists have to a place; it has involved in many entertainments such as dancing, singing, and even drama. This in turn results in creation of jobs, boosts local tax base, and increases growth of related businesses. The arts in all forms, including music have been responsible for the creation of income and wealth of a nation.In addition, today music have been use to heal people.

Music therapy has been widely heralded. In fact, it has been found that people who take lessons in keyboards experience a significant depreciation in depression and stress. It allowed them to cope with anxiety and loneliness better and resulted in improved health. Also, music therapy can reduce pain, anxiety, depression, and tension of both patients and surgical team in operating room. It can use for healing mental, emotional, and physical handicap problems and neurological disorder.Moreover, Music works wonders on creating a certain atmosphere. You can use music to liven up a boring party to create an enjoyable ambiance, pop and rock-and-roll is very popular for teenagers’ party today.

Furthermore, music is also important for many businesses today. Music can be used at the restaurants to lengthen meals and increase the patience of waiting customers. Alternatively, in many work places, music is used to increase work performance and employee emotion by playing certain kind of music can manipulate employee to work faster or reduce their boredom, fatigue, or tension at work.Supermarkets also use music beneficially.

By playing slow music, make shopper slower and increase receipts by at least 38 percent compare to when there is no music playing. Besides that, music could use as the way of diet instead of force yourself to eat less than what you desire. When playing slow music people eat less, and sometimes they even claim that their meal even taste better by soothing the appetite. Finally, music is also important to religion. All religions use the music to raise our soul whether in Hindu, Buddhism, or Christianity.Music acts as an excellent medicine that heals our soul magically.

It has been believed to be an instrument through which one can attain salvation and leads people to the pure and peaceful paradise where they can feel the peace of heart. To sum up, music is the unique language, which is understood by everyone all over the planet. It is doubtless that music is of great importance in every aspect of our lives, whether it is to the private lives, society, school, religion, medication, business, or the culture and history of a nation, which we should consider more about it.