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The reasons behind Jefferson’s decision to explore the West was because the West held the key to unlocking the mystery of the Northwest Passage and that the water route to the Pacific would open up natural resources in the West along with providing them access to Asian commerce. Once Lewis and Clark figured out how big of an opportunity this was, then immediately left and started on their expedition.The members of the Corps of Discovery were two years four months and nine days away from their homes. The nature of the expedition was to expand in the West and towards the Pacific Ocean and to strengthen the American claim to the northwest oregon country.The experience of the men being in the army might have helped them through this journey because there was many tough times that they had to go through and since they were in the Army they kind of can adapt quickly and coop to their environment. For example, when they had to physically carry the boats by hand for a long time, but only going a short distance really tired them out.

Since they were in the army they were kind of used to this kind of training so they had more experience. Another example is when they get punished, since they were used to getting disciplined in the army they could also adapt quickly. Toussaint Charbonneau is a frenchmen who lived with the Hidatsa Indians for many years. He has a wife named Sacagawea and a son. Sacagawea is a Shoshone woman who was captured by the Hidatsa warriors.

Together they were recruited by the men as interpreters to join them on their mission. I think the Corps of Discovery was very successful from the members of the expeditions point of view. I feel this way because they arrived with many people who applauded their accomplishments. During their journey they achieved many of their goals like mapping unknown regions, collected information, observed relationships with many different Indigenous people, determined the route of the upper Missouri River and it’s streams and brought back a lot of knowledge to share with many others. Along with this Lewis and Clark found some amazing discoveries in the West. Since this expedition was very successful the U.S. developed a profitable fur trading business.

With all of their hard work they have completed the first phase of expansion as the U.S. strengthened its claims to Oregon Country.