The During 2014-2015 the place has claimed

The city of Los Angeles has been promoting alternative ways of
transportation to be less-dependant on motor vehicles such as walking or
biking. While this alternative may seem eco-friendly, it also leads to
different safety risks. According to the latest report released by the Car Accident Attorneys, there were at
least 5, 094 pedestrian injuries recorded. In addition, according to the
collision data, the pedestrians are found at-fault on 31% of the collision


Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Los Angeles According to Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

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When comparing it to the accidents that happened within California, Los
Angeles comprised the 38% of the total injuries and around 29% of the
fatalities. This is why most of the dangerous intersection in California is
found in Los Angeles. Here are the top 5 intersections found within Los Angeles
that accounts for the bulk of the pedestrian
injuries and accidents.


1. Imperial Hwy and Vista Del Mar


This place might be stunning but according to the report of the Car Accident Attorneys, more accidents
happened in this area compared to other pedestrians in Los Angeles. The cause
of this unprecedented number of accidents may be due to the combination of
various factors.


2. Roscoe Blvd and Van Nuys Blvd


Around 18 collisions happened in this area during the time of the study.
This is quite surprising considering that the building of DMV is situated in
this area.


3. W Florence Ave and S. Western Ave


With about 16 collisions that happened in this area, this definitely
belongs to the 3rd spot. This is quite scary considering the fact
that a school is located near this area. The students are mostly using this are
as a crossing spot.


4. Lennox Ave and Roscoe Blvd


The district of Panorama shows multiple times in this report of the Pedestrian Accident lawyer. This area
also has its share of accidents, with around 15 collisions happening in this


5. West Pico and La Cienega


This area also ranks high in terms of the frequency of the accidents.
There are also a number of pedestrian injuries and hit-and-run accidents that
have not been reported during the study. During 2014-2015 the place has claimed
at least 15 lives.


According to the analysts, the pedestrian fatalities are lot higher
compared to motorist. In fact, based on the report of the Car Accident Lawyers, the pedestrians are at least 5 times more
possible to obtain a life-threatening injury after the collision compared to
the non-pedestrians. This study did not particularly focused on the number of
pedestrians’ injuries but according to the 2014 studies, there are 207
fatalities in Los Angeles which is significantly higher compared to Maricopa
who took the second spot.


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Accidents lawyer. They will make sure that you will get the compensation
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