The Inferno by Dante Alighieri Essay

The Inferno by Dante Alighieri is a story which explores and creates imaginative consequences on the sins created on earth in accordance to God’s justice. Dante by fate travelled in Hell to explore the nature of sin. In Hell, he saw how evil receives punishment according to God’s justice and classification.

The human evil was being classified, explored and judged according to its gravity.The principle of Dante’s narration strictly follows the doctrine of the Christian values. The moral standard prioritizes not human happiness and balance but rather obedience to God’s will.

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If a particular action on Earth, no matter how small or simple it is, that contradicts God’s will have corresponding punishment in Hell. God in Christianity is being perceived as loving and merciful but Dante’s narration depicts that God after death is an objective and impersonal God who gives harsh and terrifying punishments. Minor and major sins which are classified according to the gravity of disobedience have a corresponding degree of punishment. The way God punishes human beings is like following a formula. However, this reflects God’s standard and perfection about goodness on Earth which says a single contradiction to His will needs further justification. Since God is forgiving, someone may ask “Did God considered forgiving them?” It is true that forgiveness after death for Christianity is impossible. If the sinners ask for reconciliation in Hell, it’s too late. This justify that to pity their suffering demonstrates lack of understanding towards Him and Christianity.

But how about those who were punished earlier simply because they don’t know God, who were not given the opportunity to know Him? Are they being considered by His wrath?Apparently in the poem, Dante gives the readers three different places or destination that human beings are fated to go after life on earth. The destination depends on the how the human being live his life according to goodness. It has certain hierarchy depending on the grounds or heaviness of the sins. In the poetry, heaven is the paradiso thus a perfect place for every human soul.

It is the ultimate destination of the soul and must be the highest desire of every human heart. But both purgatory and hell are presented by Dante as both unpleasant places.Dante’s journey represents every human being that says going to the right road or being obedient to Him is the only way to reach the standard of Heaven.

Looking for God in a sinful world is hard that needs continuity of focus and obedience. In this story, it will be realized that in living on Earth there is no middle ground of where you are appropriate to go after death. There are just two places, Hell and Heaven. Living in moderation is not safe so you need to make a choice.Since Life is a journey of discovery, old age can be a gift or a wrath. Time can be useful to make reconciliation towards Him.

Time can be used to know the self’s weaknesses and overcome it. Old age is beneficial because it gives you ample time to seek salvation of God and finally reach the standard of Heaven. However old age can give you more chance to disobey His will. Old age then calls to be stronger in Him.The book reaffirms His infinite wisdom towards His justice and nature. It will surely make the readers think about the real essence of being a Christian and the importance of following His Will.

God is just and according to the narration, every action has further justification. Evil is the exact opposite of God. Conformity to evil means contradicting His very essence and nature.

The story depicts how important obedience is, as if it is the very essence of your existence.