The Inheritance of Loss Essay

                                               The Inheritance of Loss            Gyan seems to suffer from a disturbance as he encountered when he arrived at Cho Oyu. Emotional distress marks the scene as he is mixed feelings about the long walk that led him to his destination and he is unhappy with the slim payment that he received from the judge, previously.            Gyan uses his body as a tool in displaying self-respect as he forms his posture to suggest that he is stronger and braver than what he truly is.

He obviously isn’t feeling good about himself and the anger that burns inside him, he tries to mask as he is now surrounded by wealth that he wasn’t previously accustomed to before his arrival in Cho Oyu.            Sleep and time to heal his emotional wounds is what Gyan seems to need. He needs a chance to sort out his feelings of hostility with Sai. He has a new type of anger that he holds for her, now that his personal ego has been targeted. His emotions are described as petty that was holding him back and putting such a negative damper on his spirit.            The judge’s common sense speech had not affected Gyan as he arrives late, and shows disrespect to others.

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Sai expected that the judge had left a lasting impression on him and hoped that he had taken his words, seriously, but Gyan needs to prove that he is still in control and doesn’t need to bow down to another. The wonderful food and hot baths, along with the spacious rooms that he now had entered into, only made him angry.