The internet Essay

The internetThe internet can be described as a global network of computers which makes use of an internet protocol suit to serve several people, private and public organizations as well as government networks. It is indeed a combination of all networks connected via an international telecommunication system.

The internet has a long trailing history which dates back to 1969 when it was first established by the Advanced research Project Agency in the United States of America with an aim of enhancing communication between different research institutions, which could not be interrupted by  military attacks or any other disaster. The internet today has undergone several technological and commercial advancements to become a common and a public facility which is accessed by millions of people in the global world. It is in this interest that this paper is written. It seeks to identify the uses of computer in the past as well as giving a discussion of why it has become important in the modern society.One of the earliest uses of the computer was to enhance communication between universities so that their research carrying mandate is not interrupted by any disaster inclusive of military attacks (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 2007). This can be traced back in 1969 when the internet was conceived in the United States of America.

The importance of carrying out research as well as protecting the research institutions in America was a government project aimed at advancing technological, commercial, military and political stability. Establishing internet was therefore a fundamental step in attaining this stability.Internet was heavily used as a source of information. The internet had become the biggest source of information in the global world. For instance, with the establishment of the worldwide wide web, a lot of information such as documents and images could be loaded and accessed through the internet.

With the introduction of browser software, people were enabled to navigate around the web and access any information such as business, academic information or scientific presentations (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 2007). This information took several forms such as sound, images or texts. Accessing information in the web was by far enhanced by technological advancements, which had seen through the development of search engines like the well known Google and yahoo. It is therefore undoubtedly evidenced that the internet was a source of diverse and easily accessible information as compared to the written information like in books.The internet was also used amicably as a source of information for learning and in research centers. Over time, several people have published a lot of ideas as well as carrying out research on various things and loaded them to the internet so that it can reach a large number of potential recipients. As a result, their information could be assed by qualified people, criticized, accepted and/or rejected (Quelch, 2009).

This had confirmed to be cheaper than publishing this ideas and research materials in printable forms like books.The internet also provided a more cost effective ways of making advertisements. Several organizations had adopted the internet as a better mean of advertising their products (Quelch 2009). This is because it is accessed by millions of people in the global world and therefore the probability of the advert reaching the intended person was higher compared to the traditional methods. In addition to this, many organizations had capitalized on the internet as a source of market for their goods and services. This is evidenced in cases where an individual could pay some money to by some goods or to down load some software. In the recent past many organizations have adopted an internet job application system where individuals seeking for jobs could upload their resumes to the internet for any potential employer to seen it. Replies and interviews were conducted through the internet.

The internet as a source of information therefore has been utilized for long by the business organization to achieve their goals.            Communication was one of the major uses of internet. E mail was the most important and the widely used method of internet communication. It is an electronic way of sending written messages and it is instantaneous and more efficient compared to the traditional methods like mailing letters.  In spite of its effectiveness, E mails have received a lot of critics because there is a probability of landing on a third party who was not intended and hence their confidentiality is doubtable. Another notable advantage of using E mail is that a wide range of information can be attached such as word documents and pictures and send to different recipients simultaneously.

            Still to be noted here is the internet telephone whose origin can be traced back in 1990s. It is a cheaper, convenient and a more reliable way of verbal communication as compared to the normal telephones especially when the distant between the involved parties is long (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 2007). Internet telephones could also be incorporated with the normal telephones to make a unique telecommunication mix which is integrated with emergency telephone numbers and therefore clearing the common draw back of the internet telephones.Transferring data from one person to the other through the internet is another use which cannot go unmentioned because of its importance. Through the internets, people were able to share files by attaching them to an E mail. Alternatively, data could be uploaded to a shared location where it could be downloaded by the relevant person. This concept of data transfer was adopted by many organizations in the past because of its effectiveness in lowering administrative cost like employment of massagers.

Data could be transferred from one office to the other through the internet. Any other data which needs to be shared to several people could be uploaded in a common website for them to access (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 2007).  In addition to this, the internet provided streaming of videos and sounds for televisions and radios and hence it has substituted them in the recent past.

The advantage of streaming media over radios and television is that it could provide time shifting viewing like listen again futures.The internet has become the most important thing in life because of several reasons top on the list being its effectiveness and efficiency in communication. The modern world is getting transformed from the traditional methods of communication which included telephones and mailing of letters.  This is compounded by the fact that unlike in the past time, internet is becoming cheaply available to almost all people. Further to this, all the members of the society have the knowledge of what internet is and therefore communication through E mail has been appreciated and accepted world wide.Another reason is that the internet still remains the largest and the cheapest source of information. Academic institutions and research centers have acknowledged the reliability and contribution of the internet in providing diverse information (Organization for Economic co-operation and Development 2007).

This is very much evidenced in the modern society where most research centers publish their research materials on the internet other than in printable forms like books.Social networking over the internet is becoming an order of the day.  Some social networking sites such as the face book are accessed by millions of people in the word with an intention of communicating with their friends or getting new friends.

Interest and hobbies must be mentioned at this stage of this paper because of there importance. Many people find using the internet lucrative and a best way of using their free time.  The uses of internet especially the web cams have confirmed to be very addictive especially to the teenagers and are now substituting the traditional televisions and radios.Internet telephone communication in the modern society is free or at least cheaper compared to the normal telephone communication methods. In addition to this, the internet telephone is more reliable, instantaneous and designed to accommodate many people simultaneously as long as the interment connection is there unlike the traditional methods which experienced delay if the demand exceeded the capacity of the system (Gasal & Gregor 2009).

Based on this importance, internet telephone communication is getting much use in the public safety agencies and hence it is transforming them in the face of the society and wining their confidence in their provision of emergency services.Technological advancements have seen through the establishment of mobile phones which can be used to access the internet. These phones are cheap and available even to the young people. By the fact that they are portable, information and communication through the internet can take place any where and any time. This point is underscored by the availability of wireless internet connections in the modern society.Another reason as to why internet is becoming inevitable is that it is a source of employment to the society.

Millions of people are employed in the information technology departments of many organizations particularly to ensure the presence of internet through out the time. It has also become one of the marketable fields of study in the information and communication areas. Further to this, there are several online jobs such as the academic online research writers who rely heavily on the internet. It is a lucrative and a well paying job which can be even done at home.  Communication between the employer and the employee as well as the transfer of data is done through the internet.In the business community, the internet is becoming unavoidable.

This is because it provides an efficient way of communication and data transfer hence it cuts down administrative cost by eliminating unnecessary work forces like office massagers (Varian 2002). Files can be shared between different people by attaching them to an E mail. Advertisements through the internet are still on the lead because several people are accessing it and as result, the advert can reach the intended recipient. In addition to this, many organizations prefer job applications through the internet because it simplifies the process of delivering it to the correct person and lessens the work of keeping and reading the resumes.

Some organizations also conduct their interviews over the internet.In conclusion therefore, the internet has been used as a source of information, communication and in transfer of data in many organizations since its discovery in 1969. Through technological advancements, the internet has been made readily available to the people and has become an important thing in life.BibliographyGasal, G & Gregor, R 2009, The Importance of the Inter to consumers and construction contractors, viewed 8 August 2010, <>Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2007, The economic and social role of internet intermediaries, 8 August 2010, <>Quelch, J 2009, Quantifying the economic impact of the internet, viewed 8 August 2010, <>Varian, H et al 2002, The net impact study: The projected economic benefits of the internet in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany, viewed 8 August 2010, <>