The the Middle East and especially in

The kind of rhetoric and rationale used is open to critic and can be taken as a lesson to redefine the philosophy of state and sovereignty. USA reserves no inclusive right to decide how the peace process should move in the Middle East and especially in the conflicted region. It may be USA’s national interest reflecting in foreign policies. There are other major players in the world politics, who also enjoy the intellectual, political and humanitarian gain over USA. Based on the previous resolution adopted by UN following the international law on the conflicted region since 1947, majority of states till now adopted a single, authoritative stand that- two state solutions by negotiation is the only way to peace.What interest does USA have in Jerusalem, that it threatened the other member states? It cannot be without reason. Surely it is not peace in the Middle East; otherwise to sign a biggest arm contract with Saudi will be a mere laugh. USA is one of the biggest di-stabilizer in the Middle East by its direct and indirect influence that has been recorded in the dark pages of the history. The biggest example was a proposal to Iraqi president Saadam Hussain to go for Kuwait occupation followed by USA and allies attack on Iraq- A total destruction. Nikki Haley gave a rationale of sovereignty, which USA never bothered when its national interest comes in conflict with it. USA has double standard foreign policy considering sovereignty. According to national interest USA will claim to destroy the North Korea as the only option and on the other hand it will not hinder the internal matter of Myanmar where thousands of Muslims were killed –state sponsored Genocide. This US hegemony being powerful is moving in irrational path unknown to USA and the world. It seems the future may see total disaster of democracy, state and sovereignty in place of dictatorship or kingship with new form.USA thinks its message is a rational step in positive direction. It is true that, US provide the biggest aid to UN but that does not mean, member states has lost their self-recognition in the world politics. To fear USA this time will be a shame for the states that will not participate and will be considered under USA custody. The graph shows some data: