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The movie starts out with Winston Churchill’s secretary, Elizabeth, typing out a letter for him to be sent to a frenchmen. He yells at Elizabeth and she storms downstairs where Churchill’s wife goes upstairs to confront her husband’s abrupt behavior. She tells Churchill that he needs to calm down and he listens to her. Churchill is soon informed that he is being asked to be the new prime minister by King George. The setting takes place during World War II when Hitler starts to take over most of Europe. When Churchill addresses Parliament for the first time, he tells them that there will not be any peace agreements with Germany and that Britain should fight until victory. Most of Parliament isn’t pleased with his speech. Lord Halifax doubts Churchill’s confidence with victory and starts to disagree with Winston’s motives. He wants the old prime minister back, Chamberlin, to take control of Parliament again. A meeting with Churchill and other government members take place and they discuss that there are about a couple of hundred thousand British troops stranded on a beach. Churchill doesn’t want the public to know about this. He decides to keep quiet and not do anything about it yet. Churchill wants to at least try to keep France from being invaded by German troops in order to gain their support. This displeases Halifax and he meets up with the King to ask him to remove Churchill as prime minister. Halifax goes live and decides to address the nation about how Britain will be safe from invasion. This is a lie and he knows it. He goes back home and stresses, but his wife is there to let him know that he lied to keep people from panicking. He phones the U.S. president for help with some ships but because of an Act placed, he can’t aid Churchill. Churchill then contacts someone else to send as many ships to rescue the troops which were stranded. At a meeting, Halifax tells Churchill that he will leave if Winston doesn’t agree to a peace talk. He gives him 24 hours but Churchill ignores him. He has Elizabeth to write that the troops will not be able to leave safely. This gives Elizabeth a hard time to write as she doesn’t know if the troops will make it out alive.. As other countries begin to give up to Germany, Churchill has no choice but to follow suit with peace with Germany. ¬†Elizabeth is devastated. She tells Winston that her brother didn’t get to escape from the war. The king visits Churchill at his home and tells him that he trusts Winston with whatever plan that he’s going to carry out. Churchill grows anxious and calls again to see if any fleets are able to rescue the troops. Some ships are sent and there is some hope after all. Winston goes to a subway and talks to ordinary people. They agree that it is best to fight the enemy instead of siding with them. He leaves the train with a lot of support and admiration from the people. Churchill addresses Parliament and tells them that there would be no peace talk with Hitler. Britain will fight instead. Parliament agrees and the session ends with everyone approving. The end of the movie tells the audience that Britain was victorious against Germany.