The Germany during the 18th century.. In this

Illuminati Conspiracy

The Illuminati has been around for many of
years and yet there are still those who question if it is real or not. Many have
either tried to prove or debunk the theory and as many can see there are still
many questions that haven’t been answered. The only way to find out if the
illuminati is existent is to bring factual evidence to the table, but always remember
that there is a reason for everything. It is no coincidence that these
celebrities and people that are in higher power, are throwing up the same hand
signs. It is also no coincidence that some people who were once glorified in
the public eye are now deceased after publically speaking about the Illuminati.
Many don’t know this but the Illuminati was outlawed in the year of 1785, and
shortly after they became a secret society. It is obvious that the secret
orders of the Illuminati will never fully be uncovered, because why else would
it be called a secret society. Knowledge truly is power and Illuminati means “enlightened”,
which suggests that “they” know more than us. We haven’t talked about the
Illuminati for this long, for it not to be some truth behind the secretive

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In order to debunk or prove the Illuminati,
we must first look at its history and where it all started. The order appeared
in Bavaria, Germany during the 18th century.. In this period of time
in Bavaria there were very many religious institutions, and, according to
Michael Taylor author of British
Conservatism The Illuminati, and the Conspiracy Theory of The French Revolution,
it was the land where sacerdotalism was at its all-time height. Adam Weishaupt,
the founder of the organization, learned his ways form Jesuits. A Jesuit is a
person “Under St. Ignatius, who thrives in the Society of Jesus and believes
that the reform in the Catholic Church began with reform of the individual. The
founding members of the Society of Jesus took a vow of poverty, chastity and
obedience under Ignatius. Current Jesuits take the same three vows today, along
with a vow of obedience to the Pope” (Linton).

Normally this organization is to be
branched from the Freemasonic order, that is rooted in England There is also an
opinion that Weishaupt himself hated Jesuits and as a result one of his goals
which was transferred to one of the goals of the society was to eliminate
Christianity and to replace it with some new form of religion called “religion
of reason” (Barkun). There was such negativity towards the Society of Jesus was
simply because the Jesuits had too much power in the society, they had a huge influence
over the government and police, etc. In Weishaupt’s point of view since he
believed their instruments were used for the bad not for the good. Among the
rules were such as unconditional obedience, mutual surveillance, person-to-person
confession, to name a few (Barkun).

The Illuminati order which was developed
by Weishaupt is known as an organization that sets itself against the existing
order and are eager about establishing the new order. The order was initially meant
to be a charitable organization, and this idea sought out a variety of
freethinkers who supported, secularism, gender equality, etc. The goal was
formed as a drive to make the world in its entirety, one united and prosperous family
without all the government and religious intrusion (Dice 45). The order of the Illuminati
was named unofficial in 1777, and then and there is when the Illuminati became
a secret society.

The Illuminati created its own rituals that
would later be introduced by a society member by the name of  Baron A. Von Knigge,. In a decade in the
1780-s the ideas of the Illuminati spread actively, and lodges established in
many of the southern Germany’s cities and towns. (McKenzie 11). Interestingly so,
the society did appear to be failing, but not because of the government’s. It
seems as though, that some time before the government started harassing the
Illuminati members, the society began to shatter from within, but it did not
stay that way for long.

            As stated previously, the Illuminati
is one of the most powerful groups of elites to ever walk this earth. In today’s
society we see signs of the Illuminati in almost anything that has to do with
entertainment, whether that be the music industry, the movie industry, etc. The
Author of, The Illuminati in Hollywood:
Celebrities, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies in Pop Culture and the
Entertainment Industry, Mark Dice writes about how the Illuminati uses
celebrities in entertainment and the media, because in today’s world everyone
praises and worships the latest celebrities. Have you ever
noticed how many of the musicians of today are starting to cover one eye when
they pose for photos? Or they are making some type of right triangle with their
hands? Also much of the imagery celebrities use in their music videos for
example in Jay Z’s “On to the Next One” music video he is seen not only
throwing up the hand signal, but he has pictures of third eyes and pyramids,
just like the one on the back of the single dollar bill. Some may say it is
just something cool to do, but conspiracy minded people may argue that there is
a great meaning behind it. This is pure evidence, of a vast, wicked, secret
society known by the name of the Illuminati and its plan to institute a New
World Order (Dice 25) Like most of the interesting conspiracy theories, this one
begins with a tiny smidge of truth and ends up in a huge field of pure speculation.

            There is a secret society called
the Illuminati, and its goal is to transform society by secretively putting its
members positions of high power, and those people of high power tend to have a
great influence over others. Adam Weishaupt’s goal was to bring about a less
religious more rational society (Dice 31). Many may ask; how did the Illuminati
go from revolutions to glorifying celebrities and people of high power.. For
just about 200 years, the Illuminati took the back seat, but in the now 20th
century they seem to be interestingly prevalent.

“Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my
body / Secret society trying to keep they eye on me,” was rapped by Mobb Deep’s
Prodigy, in the 1995 remix of LL Cool J’s “I Shot Ya.” The same year, the song
“Cell Therapy” by Goodie Mob painted a picture of what society would look like
under the coming New World Order, it showed conspiracy like theories such as
martial law and concentration camps. We Can’t Win” by AZ was written in 1995
and it starts with a monologue that explains how society is truly structured,
“This world is ruled and controlled by societies that exist within societies,
that exist within societies, you understand? These secret societies are
maneuvering within society to control society. That’s why society is outta
control. Thirty-third and one third, I heard, the Illuminated ones.”(Weiner)

            Rumors suggest that many artists
could possibly be a part of the Illuminati conspiracy. Jay Z was one of the
first to be acused., According to conspiracy theorists, His wonderful success it
simply could not have been because his beautiful talents and his dedication. They
believe that he had to have sold his soul to the Illuminati. One of the first
and most vocal parts of this theory was nothing other than Prodigy. Jay had
sampled a bit of Prodigy’s line about the Illuminati on “D’Evils” from his 1996
album. By 2008, Prodigy was convinced. In a letter that was written in prison,
he accused Jay Z of being “nothing but a puppet” willingly or unwillingly of
the Illuminati, Prodigy wrote “Jay Z. conceals the truth from the black
community and the world and promotes the lifestyle of the beast instead” (Lewis
56). Just like the accusations did not start with Jay-Z, they don’t stop with
him either.  Accusations include J Cole,
Nikki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, and just about every major hip-hop figure in the
20th century. “The rumors have been told about Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan,
Justin Bieber and many more, and they are all accused to be members of the
Illuminati. YouTube is full of videos that break down lyrics, music videos, and
celebrity interviews looking for hidden meanings, many of these videos have
millions of views as well” (Weiner).

            Majority of the  hip-hop artists today don’t entertain the
Illuminati theories, but Tupac Shakur was a different story. In fact, many
believe that he was murdered by the Illuminati, because he was trying to expose
them. He has an album titled. Killuminati, and dropped in 1996, in an interview
that was recorded not long before he died he said that “I’m putting the ‘K’
because I’m killin’ that shit.” Obviously not every celebrity agreed that all
huge celebrities are a part of the Illuminati. In an interview with Paper
Magazine Kanye stressed the idea that “If there was actually an Illuminati, it
would be more like the energy companies, not celebrities that gave their life
to music and who are pinpointed as decoys for people who really run the world.
I’m tired of people pinpointing musicians as the Illuminati. That’s ridiculous.
We don’t run anything; we’re celebrities. We’re the face of brands. We have to
compromise what we say in lyrics so we don’t lose money on a contract.” Kanye
West spoke about the Illuminati but he was not trying to expose them in any
type of way and many theorists say that very well may be the reason why he is
still alive and Tupac is not (Weiner ).

Illuminati conspiracy is most certainly an interesting issue and it allows
curious people to challenge their attitudes and opinions all while searching
for the honest truth. Such believers should stick to critical thinking and conducting
more research to find out the truth (Steiger). Regardless of the matter or
believing or not, the history of Illuminati is throughout the history of the
world, the proof gives a challenge in trying to prove a point. The history of the
Illuminati is absolutely interesting and there are many myths that go along
with it. When a conspiracy theory is thought of from the angle of the modern
world, it is extremely difficult to discover whether or not this theory is true,
or whether or not this is a paranoid way of thinking for some people. The story
of the Illuminati has been ridiculed, deflated and exaggerated many of times. Its
very existence is a great controversy that can only be answered by evidence.
Truthfully, many members of the world’s most current leaders and stars have
been caught doing the same hand sign and handshake. This is no coincidence.
There are many websites that argue whether the Illuminati is real or not. But
it is. The Illuminati are getting even more powerful and threatening
internationally, and there is no doubt about it. This is not a fear tactic, it
is just a government weapon that was leaked out and now is exposed to the whole
world through the internet. Well, if it is real or not, I guess we will find
out in years to come.(blusky33).To get the exact truth about a group that is
meant to be secret is definitely a challenge and people must use a sense of
judgment to differ the facts from the fabrications. Because it is impossible to
answer every last question regarding the Illuminati, I attempted to draw a more
accurate picture of the New World Order and to shed light on more important
facts that will surely affect the future of this nation.