The issue of religious fundamentalism Essay

                One of the most influential aspects in recent political turmoil across the world is the issue of religious fundamentalism.  This is true whether one is referring to the United States, Jerusalem, Palestine, or even Europe.  “The opposing radical religious forces of Judaism, Christianity and Islam seem increasingly unable to find common ground, with ‘religious fundamentalists’ on all sides the usual scapegoats.  (Holy Land Studies, 2006). Perhaps there will never be a reconciliation between fundamentalist sects and politics because each fundamentalist relies upon one text and politics of any nation requires tolerance.  Fundamentalists, on the other hand, do not believe in tolerance and reject the theory all together.

  Accordingly, a fundamentalist will only sanction the promotion of their own views.  Indeed, a fundamentalist cannot function in a democratic society because in their view, those whom are not in conformance with their fundamentalist views are open to condemnation.            By way of example, the Fundamentalist Christians rely on the Bible, for Shia Muslims it is the Quran, for Orthodox Jews it is the Talmud.  Each of these texts is the only text upon which the lives of each group is based.  Accordingly, the politics that each group would allow themselves to enter into, would have to be based upon the teachings of that text.

  Fundamentalists, by the following of their texts live a live if coherence and politics is anything but coherent.  As a result of the foregoing, it would be imperative for politicians to not allow themselves to be influenced by fundamentalists.Sources:Holy Land Studies: A Multidisciplinary Journal, Volume 5, Number1, May 2006, pp. 97-112 (Article)