The issues in conformity Essay


Conformity to group is another issue depicted on the film to be researched. Based on Farlex, 2010, conformance agencies take action based on certain accepted normal criterion. If we talk in context of group, so this conformance to group can be described as the action that accepted in a group as a foundation of an understanding. This is a demand for each people to be in usage as a portion of in-group people, instead than go out-group people in a certain group, pack, or organisation that leads to a mark that that individual is similar to people within that group which follow the consistence of the regulations, despite of endangering the regulations it selves ( Sique, 2010 ) .Basically high conformance to group means that when one individual ‘s will is defeated by other ‘s will in make up one’s minding something because they do n’t desire to move opposed his/her group ‘s will that may ensue in insecure and high force per unit area community.

Actually this conformance to group is the consequence of some cultural dimensions created by Dutch sociologist ; Geert Hofstede and Fons Trompenaar. Based on doch and luthans, 2006, hofstede examined four cultural dimensions, while on the other manus Trompenaar developed seven dimensions. Not all dimensions can be linked as the consequence of conformance to group, nevertheless there are some factors that have strong bond with conformance that were n’t come from those dimensions.

Application of Theory

Based on hofstede, dimension in power distance, uncertainness turning away, and Bolshevism lead to high conformance, while particularism, communitarianism, impersonal, and attribution from Trompenaar may give engagement every bit good.

Power distance describe when a higher-up in a group is accepted to hold the greatest power in that group, hence that individual must be obeyed ( Viaweb, 2010 ) . In high conformance, high power distance is exists based on people who act as superior or made superior by others because of their ability or even race. They must be followed otherwise we can be treated as foreigner in our group. High conformance may caused by state of affairs in which its member feel uncomfortable in unusual or different fortunes ( Itim International, 2009 ) . Peoples with this high degree of uncertainness turning away will be inactive and tend to follow the regulations, therefore they do n’t desire to show their emotion to the group which makes them soothe with their group pick. Bolshevism as antonym of individuality makes people tend to loyal with their group and portion their value and belief that may take to community involvement. In high conformance, people may look after their group determination and be likely to waive their ain will. The job is occurred when it comes to a inquiry, “if everyone goes after others will, so whose willingness that must be complied with? ”The reply might be related closely with power distance, in which the higher-up is the swayer.

High conformance to group is a consequence of particularism in which the community of the group may assist their friends utilizing any other ways, including interrupting regulations every bit long as they are in one community. Based on ut and luthans, 2006, communitarianism refers to people that look upon themselves as a portion of group non single with ain will that becomes requirement oh high conformance to group. high conformance tend to hold impersonal civilization in which people ‘s emotion are non making in an unfastened or ordinary ways, therefore people keep soundless even the determination is contradictive with their will. Subsequently if we see conformity characteristic, we can see that people in that group be given to be ascription civilization that means the people who become “the leader” is the 1 that mature either in age, or gender, non based on their ability or cognition. So even person who has better thought, but if the older one said something worse, people tend to take the older one.

Another issue that closely related with conformance to group is because of ethnocentrism. It ‘s the belief that “one ‘s ain manner of making something is superior to others” ( Doh and Luthans, 2006 ) . This significance can be applied to all facet, such as one civilization belief that their civilization is highest among others. And in other words we can state it is when people everything based on their ain manner, without accepting that other people might hold their ain position.

Peoples could hold high conformance in their group if they think that people on their group is the best, which is characteristic of ethnocentrism, and look other as low degree group. This will take to external struggle in society life. “Even though it may do external struggles, it creates internal integrity. It besides makes persons experience more certain about their beliefs. Through supplying persons with a sense of belonging to a peculiar community, ethnocentrism enables societal order. Societies need that sort of solidarity and order so as to go on “ ( Charon, 2007 ) .

Deduction to concern

The issues in conformance to group and ethnocentrism itself may hold deduction to pull offing across civilizations either in domestic or international organisation. Most likely the negative effects will happen based on those cultural issues.

Ethnocentrism may ensue a bad consequence where it goes into concern or organisation universe. Firstly it may ensue in the bad determination when it comes to a company that did offshore and utilize place state directors. directors from place state with high ethnocentrism may believe that the best concern determination is the 1 like in place state as they might believe that concern determination in host state is non the best 1. This may ensue in the weakness in company ‘s concern. if we go to personal degree, we will see more issues that can be raised. Based on the high ethnocentrism degree, a individual with high degree of managerial may makes determination with any issues, such as they might believe that their race is higher than local people in the workplace, so that the directors might back up the employee with same race or nationality that similar with him/her. That sort of directors will hear more and approved employee ‘s thought that come from similar background with the director, instead than any thought from local employee, even that thought is greater. Even in instance where a director must fire the employee, the director will allow off employee based on their certain background.

In the instance of conformance any subsidiary may happen any troubles in give their superb thought, or aspiration to their superior. Most likely they are afraid that if they do n’t hold with their superior determination or thought, they will be marked as an resistance party, which subsequently on ensuing in their future calling. Even the subsidiary mentalities that think their higher-up is the best individual with all first-class concern attack. Furthermore Pech ( 2001 ) reach a determination that high degree of conformance in organisation may ensue in disadvantage effects such as turning away of individuality, cut down single sense of creativeness, find, and ownership. And concluding disadvantages to organisation may happen because of low morale and incompetence in taking action to rival or external force per unit areas through low capableness in low cost and merchandise distinction.


In order to forestall the negative consequence of conformance and ethnocentrism to group, there are some ways to be applied. First of wholly, the chief attempt that must be applied is communicating and preparation. Such in instance of off shoring company, the directors from place state must acquire any preparation before start to go the leader in the host state. They must cognize how to interact with local employee in their behaviour, including socialisation, measuring, and cultural regulations. Communication is of import factor that must be applied in certain issues that both faced by directors and employees in order to decide with win-win solution. Then the following thing to make is directors should alter their ain wonts and have ability in understanding others by learn to see different reaction to such concern attack that may be seen from other people. Groupthink can besides be used instead than single will of a director by inquiring sentiment from their subsidiaries and believing out of the box. This groupthink may alter both the directors and employees behavior and positively will make good consequences ( Helium, Inc, 2010 ) . However in a diary by manz and cervix ( 1995 ) they province that groupthink merely concentrate on the negative consequence in squad determination devising and therefore there is a inclination within the member of group to neglect in discoursing and analyse any alternate class of action. Therefore they offer new ways of thought by utilizing Team think that will bring forth effectual synergisms believing in belief and premise that improve determination devising and the result of public presentation.

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