The she made everything clear and easy to

The reason I chose the ted talk named “the future of good food
in China” by Matilda Ho was because I like and love to see the benefits that a
food can bring to our society. Matilda Ho is trying to demonstrate how food
sometimes can be bad for you in China for example one of four diabetics in the
world comes from China. The intended audience in this case is for the one that
care what they eat. It is referring for every single gender, socioeconomic
status and race. About the age I could say it is for every age, but kids
normally do not have interest of eating healthy or even knowing what they are
eating and what that food could affect them.

strategies that Matilda Ho used to engage the intended audience is that to
things work out well we have to be patient no matter what. In the world we live
in everyone is stressed, they all want the results to come up fast. What
Matilda is doing is to get the audience involved is to inform them that the
story about food is scary and if we do not care the final result could be very

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selected a very important topic and very appropriate for the audience because
her birth country China very rich country, very populous is now having a mini
crisis with food. Matilda knowing that she is informing people how to eat and
how to get healthy, clean and fresh food in China. She cares about her country
and she also cares about the people that live there. She knows that if people keep
doing what they are doing our world will start to have much more people sick.

Everyone should watch that video and then they will start thinking and change
their mind about how a small meal can affect your health.

Matilda is trying to explain to the audience and give them the best resources
so they can start and think about their health. She was very calm when
explaining, everything was very detailed. She knew what she was saying. The
audience or the person that is watching it the video understood everything
because every sentence she says she made everything clear and easy to understand.

The audience was big and she knew how to make them interested in the topic.

did a very good job with the audience and everything else, but Matilda could
show and make graphs so it could better engage the audience. With the graphs
she could show the audience everything she was saying about the chemicals,
peoples health. She did everything perfectly, spoke really well and explained
everything with real details. The graphs would help people to learn faster,
because some people learn faster by looking at things and not just listening,
which means that with graphs her video would be stronger explained and people
would have a better understanding.