The just war Essay

The just war is a military ethical theory. It was developed by philosophers of Roman Catholic origin. The theory states that conflict must meet the certain philosophical, religious and political justice provided it follows certain conditions. The just war theory seeks to maintain a level playing ground in the resolution of conflicts.There sure two sets of criteria. These are the right to go to war (jus ad bellum) and the second is the right conduct within war (jus in bello).

For the first criteria, it states that the reason for going to war needs to be justified. a war cannot be based punishing people who have done wrong. the reason is that there is a high probability that innocent life will be lost. therefore there must be a just reason for a war to be declared. aside from this, the intervention must be to protect life. other conditions for fulfilling the just cause criteria include: the injustice suffered by one party in the war must outweigh that suffered by the other party. only legitimate authorities may wage war. the use of force will only be used for a just cause.

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the second criteria take care of the conduct of both parties at war once the war has begun. the principle of distinction governs the just war. the war should be directed only towards combatants and not towards non-combatants caught in the crossfire.

it is not legal to target non-residential areas or reprisals against civilians. the fighting should not also be in such a proportion that civilian causalities are excessively high in proportion to the military personnel.The Persian gulf war was between the united states and Iraq. President George Bush of the United states argued that the just war criteria was fulfilled.

It was said that Iraq invaded Kuwait so the act was to liberate Kuwait.