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The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien is a
compilation of autobiographical novels. Although all the stories portray the author’s
memoirs of the Vietnam War, they consist of female characters that play an
important part in the book. Martha expresses love and danger and Mary Anne Bell
consists of a loss of innocence. Despite the fact that the theme of the book is
war and mortality, the female characters signify meaningful human values and
emotions Recently, more and more people, specifically liberals and feminists have
been acknowledging the fact that women are as intellectual, emotional, and
capable as men. However, in our day and age, that is not the case. Woman are
still portrayed in many instances as the innocent housewife, who keeps to

One of the most significant woman in the book is Martha, who
emerges in the first novel of The Things They Carried and represents risk
and love. The book depicts the adventure of Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, who keeps reminiscences
of his friend Martha, for who he happens to have intimate feelings. One day the
Alpha Company leaves for an operation, but even there the lieutenant cannot
concentrate and ponders about his withdrawn love, due to that, during the
combat, his friend Lavender gets wounded, and later, he dies. In this novel,
Martha represents affection, and endangerment, as her manner leads to tragic costs.

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She conveys an enchanted love that struggles the ruthless existence of war–and the
value of her emotions is tremendous. Eventually, this unrewarding fantasy of
Martha, the prospects for a potential life with her, ultimately leads to the circumstance
that Cross is continuously preoccupied by his feelings, even at the most perilous
moments. Therefore, Martha signifies a conflict between endangerment and love,
and the harsh certainty of life. Martha has the ability to persuade another man
and his emotions; she is not just an innocent housewife.

Another noteworthy female character in the book is Mary Anne
Bell, whose develops in the story “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong” and represents
the loss of innocence. This novel depicts the choice of soldier Mark Fossie to
bring his girlfriend to the War. O’brien describes Mary Anne at first as an attractive,
curious girl. But with her visit to the war, she alters into a fighter: she educates
herself on the local language, connects with other soldiers and acquires the
ability to handle weapons. The author builds a parallel between how Mary Anne
loses her stereotypical femininity and her appearance in Vietnam. This story
symbolizes that women are more than just an innocent, pretty people but rather
intellectuals with emotions.

After reading this book, I began to look at myself
differently. I have started to not just appreciate woman more and all that they
are capable of in this world, but take a stand for all woman to have the
ability to express themselves according to their true personality as well.