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The amur leopard is endangered, there are only 35 of these cats left which makes them one of the rarest cats in the world. The reason the amur is endangered is because animal hunters kill them for their bones. (their bones are used for medicines) Other horrible people set wildfires in their homes mostly farmers burning logs in there forest ( which is in a forest in Russia, China, & North Korea)  and now there is something horrible that will ruin these cats home. An oil pipeline will be built right through their home and if it breaks i could release poisonous gases and kill them. If this continues  the amur leopard could become extinct.And now people are already working on a solution. Conservations in the world have already stopped the pipeline. The  have made a different route for the pipeline so these cats can have a happy ending!The vaquita is endangered to, there are less than 30 left which makes them the most endangered sea animal in the world. The reason this animal is endangered is because of illegal fishing with gill nets. What happens is that the vaquita can’t see the nets and they get entangled, even though they can hold their breath for a long time scientist think they go into shock and die very quickly. With the  vaquita porpoise  on extinction, Mexico’s  government is making a big effort to save the species —  that include a  expanded ban on gill net fishing in the  Gulf of California in the next two years. The President of mexico on Thursday went to the California fishing port to  launch the new plan to save this sea mammal endemic to the region. With less than 30 vaquita left  scientists say the species is likely to go away forever. Enforcement is absolutely critical,” said a conservation biologist “It is a critical thing on whether you save an species or not.The new measures are not the first by Mexico to save the vaquita,but they go further than previous efforts. This includes banned gill nets in an area  to 1,1,50 square miles — about six times the size of a vaquita refuge declared in 2005 where all to be banned. The expanded zone covers the entire area where vaquita have been sighted.The black-footed ferret was thought to be extinct in 1999 but they were discovered at a ranch in 1981 one reason why the bff is endangered is because of  habitat loss but one of the biggest problem in the bff  endangerment i the disease called sylvatic it’s a disease that is very dangerous to bff and  prairie dogs ( prairie dogs is 90% of the bffs diet) and  it’s also dangerous to humans