The Last Songs Essay

I recently just finished reading “The Last Song” By Nicholas Sparks. This is a really touching book about the relationship between a father and daughter.

I really enjoy reading Nicholas Sparks because I think that his books are a mix of many things. They include, humor, romance and the reality of life. “The Last Song” is about a family of four. Steve the father and Kim the mother separated 3 years prior to when this story takes place. The Children Ronnie (18) and Jonah (10) stay withtheir mother in New York. Their Father Steve moves back to Georgia where he grew up.Ronnie is a very talented Piano player and her father was her teacher but ever since he left his family she stopped playing and speaking to her father.

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Steve has terminal cancer and only a very short time to live. He requests Kim not to tell the children but to send them to stay with him for the summer. During the duration of the summer Ronnie falls in love for the first time with Will, a tall, blonde, sophisticated volley ball player, someone who she would have least expected to fall for. Whilst Jonah really gets to spend some quality time with his father.

In a series of laughter, tears, party and pain.The lengthy summer leads them to the “Last Song”. “I finished your song” She said. “Our Last Song. And I want to play it for you”.

Life he realized was much like song. In the beginning there is mystery and at the end confirmation, but in the middle where all the emotion resides to make the whole thing worthwhile. This was my favorite part of the book. It was extremely touching and I thought that the author had put a deep meaning into it. It held a moral and was written with deep insight. This part was towards the ending of the book and I think that the author chose to incorporate what the whole book was leading up to.I have read many of Nicholas Sparks books and they mostly to tend to have sad emotional endings. I think that the likes to include a lesson and meaning to the deep emotions that he writes about.

He likes to reveal that there is a meaning to everything. I feel like when I read this I was really sad but all the events that lead up to this made the explanation of life being like a song make sense. I was really moved by the way that the relationships are built in the novel. At the begging of the book Ronnie the main character seems to be very cold. She makes herself seem like she cannot care much about anyone and that she is very bitter.As the book progresses Nicholas Sparks includes events that make Ronnie closer to people.

For example at the beginning of the book, Ronnie seems to want to have nothing to do with Will but then as the book moves forward the author makes sure that they bond and that Ronnie builds trust in him and finds things that she can relate to in Will. Also at first Ronnie wouldn’t even talk to her father but by the end of the novel you wouldn’t imagine that she ever resented him. I think that this book is really about the reality of life. That life is too short and you should always make the most of everything.I feel like in this book Nicholas Sparks was trying to tell us that there is a time for everything. A time to grow up, a time to fall in love, a time to say goodbye and a time to meet new people. I would give this book a 9/10 because I feel like sometimes he dragged some events on too long and didn’t approach the climax fast enough.

I feel like this book would be a good read for anyone and that it has some really great lessons in it. Overall I loved this book and I think that is was a GREAT read. I would really recommend that if you have not already done so, read it!