The Law Office Essay

THE LAW OFFICEIntroduction‘Sit tight and ride out the storm’, means being reluctant to take measures when things turn either negative or positive. The idea is brought fourth by Brad. Despite the collapse of share market in the UK, some shareholders still did not bother to withdraw their cash, instead they just sat to watch the market collapse with hopes that it was to pick up.

Unfortunately the market took a long time to regain its potentiality, many people especially those who were unwilling to withdraw their capital lost their wealth due to their being uninformed ness.Although sometimes situations may favor the ignorant, I personally believe that it is always important to make appropriate decision when it comes to serious matters. For example, there are several measures that the shareholders could have taken into consideration this are; they should have, considered the current market situation and relate it with the previous, consider maintaining what you have, rather than risking losing everything i.e. to safeguard your capital. It is usually very important to be informed so that one can be eligible of making decisions.The GM- Operations positionGeneral motors the largest automobile company in the world and the highest employer in the automobile sector, enjoys its top selling capability allover the world. The company’s headquarters are in Detroit.

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It has branches in 35 countries allover the world and produces the most common brands of vehicles like Chevrolet, HUMMER, Saturn, etc.The creation of the GM-Operations position was an excellent decision, for the decision to bear fruits, perfect leadership approach should be addressed with the right personnel in the operations department.Leadership style in the operation positionThis is the approach of providing course, put into practice strategies and encouraging the staff in the department so that the work can be done perfectly. Due to its diversity of the work, permissive management type of leadership is required.

Permissive managementIt is the type of leadership where democracy is practiced because every staff is involved in decision making. Since the department is full of technical and mechanical practices, need for exchange of ideas is highly encouraged. The staff should also be very cohesive dutiful enough to perform their work successfully.Of course not any individual can be able to do such a job. Therefore General Motors should be focused to make the right decision on the individual to hold the post of the operation manager.Characteristics of the operation managerThe manager should have the following characteristics;Level of technical education-the person in place of the operation manager should be highly equipped with technical skillsInnovative- the individual should be able to come with new and helpful ideas.Work experience- should have worked in the same position or nearly the same position for several yearsTime conscious-should value the company’s time and enforce well utilization of timeSelf-confident- the individual should be determined to perform his/her jobDifferent people may consider diverse leadership styles and positions in the places of work. I personally like democratic leadership style because it addresses several issues which are among my great interests .

Among them are;(1) Everybody is allowed to give his/her ideas which are equally tabled without discrimination thus equal participation in decision making,(2) It continuously updates an organization by since it usually focuses on positive change thus fostering change(3) It promotes unity among the members after the final decisions are passed.In relation to my leadership style criteria, there are also several fits where I do focus to be. Such areas are;(1)   Innovative organizations (music industry, acting): ideas in such a group are shared generously to build conception.

(2)   Exploring: it encourages open dialogue to get a detailed solutions(3)   Service provider: activities like website, software developing which meet diverse        customer demands(4)    Discovery: this is the need to learn more.This can be achieved by learning to appreciate dialogue, discussion, valuation of other people’s ideas, not to feel sorry when airing your ideas and conviction to difficulties suggestions. For many leaders especially those who are after self esteem do not readily adopt this kind of leadership.

Most of them prefer other types of leadership such as dictatorship which usually gives them the room to influence the entire decision making.Reference:Adam, E. & Swamidass, M. (1989) Assessing Operations from a strategic Perspective,University of Missouri