The left his carrier from Anthropological Survey

The functionary of Social Upliftment Trust the organizationdevoting his life to provide awareness and voices to people living belowpoverty; the member of the organization is motivated by Gandhian thought ofSocial Justice and equity for last person in society living in corner whereanyone doesn’t care about them. Their rights and roles are severally crushed insociety. The team member of the organization together to provide equalopportunity for deprived person who can’t get livelihood facility due toilliteracy, violence, exploitation and rigidity of rich people to notfacilitate them for their own interest. These people came together in Year 2 Kfor supporting weaker section by their own vision and resources. These peopleperplexed to see the nationwide draught problem under which Gujrat and Rajasthanwere highly affected. The situation of Bihar and Jharkhand werepitiable, a large number of lives and cattle were lost, migration was at thepeak in these states, where there is no facility of income generation andemployment were available.

The Secretary of the organization left his VoluntaryServices from an NGO, Bihar Education Project to meet his commitment to theweaker people in June 2002. President of the organization has left his carrierfrom Anthropological Survey of India to meet the requirements of local people.The treasurer is a housewife devoted herself for women empowerment since herstudy.

She left her carrier from working in defense services, although she hashigh rank in her N.C.C. profile. The other members of the organization are devoteefor awareness generation to weaker section.       The members of advisory committee are prominent leaders of voluntaryorganization, heads of department and executive director of their institution.

Itsorganization pleasure to take guidance from them along with Physical andEconomic support. Their approaches towards rural development have been playinga significant role in organization for getting in touch withthe Mission and Vision. The organization can’t translate its visionwithout their guidance and support in ever stage. The NGO is bounded on mutualunderstanding with advisory committee in translating the ideas to reducepoverty, increase health and sanitation provisions and primary education,awareness generation on resource mobilization for weaker people.