The Life of Emily Elizabeth Dickinson Essay

Emily Elizabeth Dickinson was born on 10th December, 1830, in the town of Amherst, Massachusetts and was raised in a strict Calvinistic home.

Amherst, was 50 miles from Boston, had become well known as a center for Education, based around Amherst College. Emily’s family were pillars of the local community; theirs house was known as “The Homestead” or “The Mansion” was often used as a meeting place for distinguished visitors. (“Brief Biography of Emily Dickinson.

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”) and (Beers, G. Kylene, Lee Odell, and Robert Anderson) Her father, Edward Dickinson, was a lawyer and was the treasurer at Amherst local college and Emily’s mother, whose name was also Emily, was a cold-hearted, hardworking, and a strictly religious housewife. We also know that Emily’s mother also had a case of severe depression. Emily and her mother were never that close like how a daughter should be with her mother; in fact Emily most of the time said that she didn’t have a mother. Also Emily wasn’t the only child; she had a brother, Austin Dickinson, and a sister Lavinia Dickinson.The Dickinson family were all well educated.

Emily attended at South Hadley Female Seminary College, but unfortunately due to her ill health Emily only attended one year at college and never returned to finish. (“Brief Biography of Emily Dickinson. ”) After the one year at college, Emily took care of her parents. Emily stayed at home her whole life, along with her sister Lavinia. Plus none of them ever considered to get married and stayed single, their whole life. The only sibling who got married was of course Austin.He married a lovely lady named Susan, who was surprisingly their next-door neighbor He also had three children with her, but sadly he didn’t have a very happy marriage. Now that put a lot of tension on the family, but out of the difficulty the Dickinson family stayed perfectly, close.

During her life, Emily became very anti-social and an isolated person. By the late 1860’s Emily never left the safety and comfort of home. This gives an impression of a lifestyle of severity and simplicity.This has been noticed, with the continuous preference for her wearing all white dresses. Some say that since she never got married and never wore a beautiful white dress, like every girl dreams of; Emily regretted her decision on marriage and fulfilled her dream by wearing white dresses constantly. (Schurman, Aysha) Emily’s poetry she was very imaginative. Honestly, since Emily did not have as many life experiences, due to how she was so shy and stayed at home her entire life. She made her poems unique and passionate.

Her main life experiences were unreturned love from men she met throughout her entire life. For a woman who nearly experienced a “normal” or “similar” life like others in her time did, she still knew so much about it more than anyone ever could. (Schurman, Aysha) After taking care of her parents till they died. Emily still stayed at home and never left until, Emily, herself was old. Emily Elizabeth Dickinson died on the 15 May in 1886. She died from Bright’s disease which was a kidney disease, painful but not severe.

After Emily had died her sister, Lavinia, came upon 1,700 poems Emily had written in Emily’s cupboard. After those poems were found Emily’s poetry talents came into the public eye and she became to be known as one of America’s greatest and well known poets in history, but unfortunately all of this happened after Emily had passed away and, she never got to see her work being recognized and loved. Even if Emily Elizabeth Dickinson is not with us, her words and thoughts have not and will not die. (Schurman, Aysha)