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The film, Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper, is set in New York as he plays Eddie Moira, a below-average man who has gotten nowhere with his writing career. Simultaneously unable to write his book and go through a breakup, he roams the streets to think. He runs into his ex-brother in law, Vernon, starring Johnny Whitworth and quickly gets reacquainted with him over a drink (Limitless). He gives a translucent pill known as NZT- 48 to Eddie as a parting gift and leaves. Curious, Eddie takes the pill and eventually starts to experience the benefits of the drug. As soon as he takes the drug, Eddie’s perspective of the world becomes much clearer and colorful. Eddie uses this drug to accomplish his goals and quickly skyrockets to success. However, like everything in this world, every bad thing comes with its consequences. Eddie starts to rely on NZT and eventually, he realizes that he needs to come up with a backup plan fast if he wants to survive. This movie was fantastic as Bradley Cooper portrayed an unsuccessful man ‘working’ his way up the financial ladder. The audience could feel the tension throughout the film and this was what made the film ‘realistic’.This movie definitely portrays what humans would be like if they were had the ability to be limitless. Limitless, definitely exaggerated how a very unhappy and unsuccessful man could become one of the world’s powerful man. Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of Eddie Moira was indeed excellent as I could see what was at stake. Throughout the movie, the watcher roots for the main character, Eddie, but as it start getting towards the end, the watcher starts questioning if he or she should have.Not only was the script fantastic, but the acting made it so that we could see how desperate people are to go up the financial ladder. Eddie meets corrupted people along the ladder it gets to a point that Eddie eventually becomes exactly that. He becomes desperate to hold on to what he has and he will do anything to keep it that way. This further immerses the audience even further to how this would be exactly how people would be like if they had the potential to be limitless.Like all drugs, NZT-48 has numerous side effects. It can cause hallucinations and make the user feel like they are close to death. At some point in the film, Eddie runs out of NZT to use and he starts experiencing the side effects of the drug. All films need a segment in the film depicting the protagonist at their lowest point. At this point in the movie, the audience could feel the tension that Eddie had and this further exaggerates how desperate humans are to live.Limitless, portrays simple, yet complicated human characteristics and manages to bring it to life with ease. The audience is captivated by the mystery and science within the film manages to immerse them further by making it seem real. A reviewer said, “Limitless has such a breathtaking pace that you aren’t going to find the time needed to nitpick. (Limitless).” This film is one of the very few films that could bring something fictional onto the screen and make it look realistic.