The used for the NSPCC is very clear

The logo for the British Heart Foundation uses only two colours, black and red. The red highlights the word ‘Heart’ and is used for the very clever graphic depicting what looks very much like the lines on an E. E. G running in the shape of a heart. The choice of the colour red is obviously because of blood. This stands out from the rest of the logo as it is the very core of what the charity is about.

The choice of black for the remaining two words surrounding the red heart and the use of strong bold lettering emphasises the seriousness of the work that the British Heart Foundation does at the same time as drawing attention to how grave the consequences of heart disease can be. The logo advertising MECCA Bingo immiediatley looks like fun. This has been achieved by the use of different bold colours for the capital letters and the smaller wavy lettering used in the word Bingo.

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The blocks around the capital letters remind you of the tiles used in some bingo games or the squares on the bingo card. The use of stars and the circle orbiting the word depicts great heights and the possibility of a big win! The white cloud behind the word bingo makes it look lighter and so makes bingo look like fun. The logo used for the NSPCC is very clear on a white background and to the point. By using large clear capital letters it shows that this is a very serious matter and they have very cleverly used the same colour to emphasise the full stop which is at the heart of the campaign.

Clearly in small black print the logo is explained underneath, again the choice of black is to emphasise that sadly, often the consequences are very grave. The words ‘FULL STOP’ are directly underneath the large green full stop which draws your attention to the necessity to put an end to the cruelty which is the aim of the charity. The logo for the Open University is very neat and clear making it look quite simple. This is very clever as it would the appeal to all different kinds of people.

The use of the ‘O’ and the ‘U’ in the orange graphic also look like a keyhole which depicts opening doors to new opportunities. In the background are autumnal colours which is meant as a kind of university setting, maybe depicting a campus to make it appear like a ‘real’ university. It gives an impression of being very straightforward and easy to understand. The logo used by the DVLA is very clever. The letters are slanted to look like a road but at the same time they form the shape of a triangle which is the shape of warning signs in the highway code.

This is then also meant as a warning that there will be consequences if the rules of the DVLA are not strictly adhered to. The black and white depict the road and the green background the countryside around. By continuing the road lines after the lettering implies that once you have complied with the DVLA the road ahead is clear, that is, your vehicle is licenced to go on the road. The logo has a small but efficient explanation running underneath to detract from the fun graphic and show that it is actually a very serious matter.

The logo used by McDonalds is easily recognisable by just the yellow ‘M’ without the rest! It is essentially to attract children and is therefore in just two very bright primary colours, the lighter one standing out in the large ‘M’. Taking up most of the space the ‘M’ forms two arches which depict doorways making it look very welcoming and inviting you to come in. The letter shaping is very clever, it brings to mind the Ronald McDonald clown as it is a fun shape and will automatically make younger children associate it with having lots of fun!