The Lowest Animal Essay

Personally I agree with Mark Twain, man is diesis that is just consuming the face of this earth, but man has also done great things. Like any other being in the world they have their gad side and good side. Man for the most part has shown its bad side to the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. For instance the fact that most of us are trying to undo all the terrible things we did to the world. We are recycling more and caring for our endangered animals. We are starting to treat each other with more value.

There are many of good things we do to go beside with the bad. In history I’m learning about the pyramids and I’ve realized that we are capable of astounding things even when the odds are against us. They built the pyramids thousands of years ago without the technology we have today and yet it’s still they are one of the greatest monuments ever built. Even though we may hurt each other all the time we protect each other too. When someone needs to be saved we are there. Some people even make a career out of it, like firemen, police officers or soldiers.

There are people who want to help and that’s good because there’s someone to fight all the people who want to watch the world parish. There is always someone who will stand up against evil and fight for what’s right because deep down they want this world to be a peaceful place. Man starts wars but also ends them in hope that there is peace for an outcome. The soldiers who fight those wars are fighting for peace. Some are fighting to control the world when it should be free and happy.

I think this world is a great place and that man is great but lately we haven’t been and that’s why I want us to change. I want everyone to respect each other and be peaceful. I know were capable of it because it happens all the time but we also don’t respect each other and fight all the time so it’s weird. I don’t understand why we do the evil things we do, because I know that were good. We help each other out and we are able to do great things if we put our minds to it. So I think in a way Mark Twain is right but at the same time he’s wrong because man can be evil but deep down we are good.