The main point of the reading Essay

The main point of the reading            The essay is about abortion, in the point of view of a nurse that helps doctors who perform abortions. This article gives us a clear mental picture of the process, why it is conducted, how it is done, and who were the ones having abortions.

The point of the essay is that abortion may be seen as a cruel violent act by some, but in our society, it is a necessity. The people who perform abortion or involved in this process just like the author are just like everyone else. They cringe at the fact that it ends the person’s life before it even starts, but still, they continue to perform abortions because a lot of people need it. The author’s tone in this article is expository: it’s as if the author is just telling her story, complete with the emotions that she feel from every situation she shares.            The salient supporting details used in this article are the actual conversations that she had with the clients. It gives credibility to the article, as the author provides an actual situation as a part of her story.

She shares some information about her clients, like their age and their jobs, so that we’re able to picture what the author’s story is like. This additional detail supports the article because it becomes more personal, wherein some of the readers can relate to what the author is saying.            From what I’ve read from the article, indeed, abortion is as necessity to our society. People from different walks of life encounter a lot of problems everyday. Abortion shouldn’t be considered as another problem; instead it should be seen as a solution.

It’s true that it is an act of violence and cruelty to the unborn fetus, but we should also consider the situation they’d be in if they’re not aborted. They will be born to irresponsible parents, unable to support them, making their lives much more miserable. There are also other grounds for abortion, like the health conditions of the mother. Pregnancies that could risk the life of the mother is a valid reason for abortion. We can dig a lot more other reasons for this cruel and violent process, but this will only prove one thing. A lot of people need this.

It is an integral part of the contemporary society, something that we can’t live without.