The Man Who Was Almost a Man Essay

The Man Who Was Almost a Man                This is a very troubling story about a young boy who has his wires crossed about how to become a man.  The poor boy wants to show others how he can be a man by purchasing an old pistol.  Truly this cannot be the way to manhood.   Dave is the young boy whose misconstrued visions of self worth send him on a whirlwind of trouble.                Somewhere Dave gets the idea that having a pistol will make him a man.

  He convinces himself that by having a pistol, people will respect him, and that he will be seen as a man.  Is there a man out there that earned respect just because he had a gun?  Most people would shun because they have a firearm.   Then this boy does something completely accidental, but doesn’t fess up to it.  Seeing where he comes from, it’s understandable why he is afraid to tell the truth.  A real man though would have manned up and explained the situation and taken the consequences.                He lies to his own mother about money, illustrating that money is the root of all evil.

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  He doesn’t have any access to his own money, his mother keeps it for him, but learning about young Dave Saunders, you can understand why.  In order for his elaborate plan to work he has to find a scapegoat, and then convince his mother to allow himself to make the purchase.  Lying to my mother about money, first that would get me a beating, and then I would lose her trust.  This young boy hasn’t learned a thing about honesty yet, and it’s clearly visible in his actions leading up to his departure.                In the end of this wonderful story, Dave Saunders still isn’t a man; instead he is suspended in adolescence.  I’m not too sure if he was taught honesty, responsibility, and humbleness, but if ever he was those moral went out the window.                I feel for people like this especially the younger generation, I’m only 27, but kids these days are under a completely different style of rearing and learning.  This story still lives today in our suburbs, schools, playgrounds, and many low income areas.

  To this day, there is still a young man or woman out there that is misguided and confused about what it takes to become an adult, or rather responsible adult.  Teens these days feel they have to have a firearm, sex, join a gang, or worse.  In the end, no matter who they are or think they are they run from their problems, like little kids running from a bully.  This story is not just a story, but reality.