The Marketing Mix: Value Added Essay

The Marketing Mix: Value AddedThe body armor system products of Safariland are categorized under the specialty product type of offerings.  As producer of these unique type of consumer products, the company caters to officers, professional operators and agents from the law enforcement, competitive shooting and military industries.  These groups of buyers have distinctive attributes for which they prioritize comfort, protection and safety on their purchases and willing to spend time, money and effort to make the purchase a successful one. Although buyers are not that normally eager to spend time making comparison among different brand choices, they devote more time on contacting suppliers of the products they wanted..           In developing and crafting body armor system products, management of Safariland have on their minds the giving of the best customer experience using the best design that will match any buyer’s budget, manner of living, and his self expression.  Product attributes includes excellent functional features, innovative and aesthetically enhanced designs, and conformance quality.

  The Safariland brand being in existence for nearly forty five years is a well-recognized industry leader being sighted as high in quality.  Packaging comes in a combination of aesthetic and protection against for the products because of the sensitive nature of these offerings.  Together,We save lives is the echoing motto of the company that is always on the label of each product.

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  The company has an interactive website that when click will give significant information about the firm and can be utilized to contact the company.     The warranty composed of longer time frame serves as a support for the brand.With its strategy of selling more for more the company will be able to maintain its profitability and sustainability as compared with competitors.

  Selling products with high quality attributes can call for premium price of these unique, technologically updated and sensitive products.ReferencesKotler, A. G. (2006). Marketing: An Introduction. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

pgs. 131-145.