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The author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, grew up surrounded by revolutionary writers, which most likely inspired her to follow in their footsteps. She was born to William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft, who were both famous writers and revolutionary thinkers in their time. Unfortunately, Mary’s mother died from complications during birth, so she started reading her mother’s books to attempt to find some way to connect to her. Eventually, William moved on and got a new wife, Mary Jane Clairmont, who severely impacted Mary’s childhood and home life for the worse. “In fact, Mary’s upbringing mirrored certain elements of the childhood story Cinderella because Clairmont favored her own children above Goodwin’s” (Telgen). Clairmont was jealous of Mary as she was the child of two influential thinkers, and she acted on this jealousy to isolate Mary and almost push her out of the family.    In addition to the jealousy that Clairmont felt over Mary’s parentage, she was also unhappy with Mary’s bond to her father, so she attempted to pull the two apart. She succeeded, and Mary turned her attention elsewhere, to a Percy Shelley, who was a famous writer and threatened to end his life if Mary did not date him. They fled to France together, and had three kids in total, however only one would survive past childhood. “Most of Mary Shelley’s biographies trace 1816 as a happy year for the Shelley marriage…But this year also brought much grief to the couple’s happiness” (Telgen). Although Mary and Percy travelled to Lake Geneva, which is the location that gave her the idea for Frankenstein, Mary also lost two sisters to suicide within weeks, and two of her children shortly after that. This is around the time she wrote Frankenstein, using the numerous authors in her life and the tragedies she had recently faced as inspiration. Mary then lived out the rest of her days with her remaining son, as Percy drowned a couple of years after the book was written, and she filled her time by writing several other novels and other critical writings and biographies.