Research to prevent violence being shown on television

Research has shown that media violence causes physiological affects such as increased heart rate, faster respiration, raised blood pressure, increase of adrenaline, this all shows a flight or fight reaction to something that is isn’t real. Scientists believe that this response can cause people to act aggressively in real life. Other test have shown that exposure to violence causes greater willingness to administer pain to others.

Violence in the media acts as a stimulus to cause violent behaviour in people has been proven in scientific study, yet people’s beliefs that censorship shouldn’t be too tightly controlled as it’s an invasion on the rights, this is rife in America. This is contradicted by Japan which has significantly lower murder rate than most western countries, yet has some of the most violent imagery in the media in the world. The media cannot be blamed directly for violence in society as it is the access that children are allowed that causes the media induced violence.

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The media does however do little to prevent violence being shown on television or in video games, it in fact escalates the problem of violence. In conclusion I believe that it is a person’s environment that dictates whether a person will grow up to become a violent person, the social problems that cause this however are not helped by the media which has escalated the problem beyond control. In the next few years will be seeing the affect of media and social violence on the current generation and based on events in current affairs a dystopian society looks likely where violent youths of today who rule the streets become violent adults.