The Modern Shopping Method Essay

Following the development of the modern society, online shopping comes out with the tide of fashion. This new and convenient shopping method attracts the attention of the customers. However, there are still many traditional people liking to go shopping on shopping mall, because they think this high technology is not enough safe for them. In order to save money, time and have more diversified choices, most people prefer to shop on the Internet rather than shop on the shopping mall. Online shopping is often cheaper than normal shopping.

The shopkeepers don’t need to pay expensive market rent, because they can put their goods at home or basement instead of renting the expensive counters. Besides, most of them purchase the goods from manufacturers directly for saving freight cost. In the end, most shops online are with a small capital. The shopkeepers won’t add extra and needless fees into the prices, so the goods on the Internet will be much cheaper than the shopping mall’s. Online shopping can save our much more time. Firstly, you don’t need to drive to the store specially. Next, you don’t need to wait for a long queue on every weekend.

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Thirdly, if you choose to buy something on the Internet, you can stay at home comfortably, then click the mouse or search the name of the goods that you want to buy. And you don’t have to look for your needs on the huge and tall shelf any more. It really saves much more time for the consumers. Jerry David said in his discussion “Within the shortest time, you could get the best product at the lowest price from shopping online. ”(David, 2010), from here we can see the advantages of online shopping and online shopping is a real popular shopping method in our modern society.

We can have more diversified choices through the online shopping. First, you can buy things from other provinces, even some special local products. Not only that, many people don’t have chance to go abroad. However, you also can buy things what you are curious from all over the world through online shopping. In addition, it has different kinds of goods for you to choose when you enter some key phrases. Online shopping is really a magical invention which contains different kinds of funny things. You can understand how to use it step by step. To sum up, online shopping is more suited than normal shopping to our modern life.

It is very convenient and efficient for people to buy things that they always want to buy but often delayed by the heavy work and high stress. Though the modern society brings us a rapid pace of life, it also reduces our more enjoyment. Anyway, no matter online shopping or normal shopping, it depends on your preference.


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