The Moon And Sixpence Essay

The story ‘The moon and sixpence’ by William Somerset Mougham is about a man who loved and knew how to draw. In this text we can see how hard was his life. He was No more than a heach-comber in constant need of money, remarkable, only for the peculiarity that he painted. The author proclaim in his story that not everyone understands the beauty of arts. It’s difficult if you don’t like art and dont understand it. This story was written in the 1950 in Tahiti, capital of the Society Islands. Logically, the text falls into three parts:

I-st part: where the author told about Strickland’s life and consequence of his work. 2-nd part: some information about Strickland and his relations with rnr. Conan. This part of text tells how Mr. Conan offered for Strickland some job for good wages. His work consisted of the fact that he should be overseer on Conan’s plantation. 3-rd part: About the pictures which was painted by Strickland. Indeed it was a masterpiece. The exposition of the story is the story is the tale about Strickland life. Complication’s: Mr. Cohen offered some job Climax: Mr. Strickland gave for Mr.

Cohan the picture which he painted and his picture became a masterpiece. Denouement: Mr. Cohan and his brother in the text shows for us the fate of talent person The man characteristics in this text: Mr. Strickland and mr. Cohan and his wife are minors characters. The language in this text very simple to understand. Stylistic devices: Epithet: pleasant, remarkable, blue leaves. Simile: ‘He looked as if he hadnt had a meal for a week.