The More Factor Essay

The More Factor            The more factor is the quest of wanting more than what you have or not being satisfied with what you own.

It is a power that drives one, to seek to have things that are not in ones possession. Therefore the hunger for more factor is a universal human trait not simply American. This is because no human being is satisfied with what they have. Even if what is in their possession took them a lot of hard work and determination to achieve. Once in possession of their dreams, humans tend to want to own, have or earn something of more value, ranking or comfort than what they had. For instance if a human being gains hierarchy preferences he will want to go to the next upper position of that rank ( Maasik &Solomon 23).

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            America being the most powerful state in the world, still wants to achieve more and prove to the other countries that it will always be in power. Its dream is to settle in space and be its first owners. The first world countries are also not satisfied by just being ranked as the first world countries, they want the other continents to adore them and bow unto their demands. They want to be seen as still colonizing the third world countries from afar, by making them beg for their help or perform certain tasks to earn their sympathy and get grants from them. This need for more power is also evident in the third world countries. It has been seen that most presidents would rather die fighting for their posts than resign or pave way to another leader even if it is at the expense of the citizens or the country’s welfare. They do not reconsider the repercussions caused by their greed. Power hunger is not only seen in states or countries but also in an individual.

Once a person has access to power, he does everything to retain it and devices strategies of being established as a leader. One is never satisfied by the mere fact that he is a leader. This hunger for power is usually causes problems in the human lives. It has lead to nepotism, tribalism, greed, clashes, crimes and all the evils caused by hatred. Humans tend to install fear as they are in power, to prevent others from challenging them so as to retain the rank position for them (Maasik ;Solomon 11).            America being among the richest states in the world, still wants to seek more wealth.

For instance its constant conflicts with oil owning countries are a sign of their need for more. The first world countries are also fighting to earn the highest rank in the stock exchange market as this displays them as the richest countries. They have been ranked as the first world countries since they are rich and own a lot of wealth, but still are not contented and tend to want to earn more wealth even at the expense of other continents. This trend continues and is more evident as the classification of countries move down the ladder. The second world countries want to take the place of the first world countries and the third world countries dream of being classified as a first world countries and would do anything to  actualize this dream. Third world countries want to eradicate their poverty but do not have the power or capital to move from this ‘doomed’ living state. Most of the capital they have is wrongly utilized since it falls on the wrong hands due to greed of wanting more.

One would rather pocket the money and use it for his own personal gains to fulfill his list of wants than to let the state use the money to improve its poverty condition and eradicate it. For instance funds to educate its citizen to make them have the technical know how and improve their lifestyle by applying the knowledge gained, usually gets mismanaged and never reach the low income earning citizens. This has highly contributed to the creation of wealth classes, where you find a very big margin separating the rich from the poor. With this margin a country cannot be able to eradicate poverty, because the rich will continue being rich and the poor will continue being poor. This is the same margin that is witnessed between the first world countries and the third world countries. This margin is another proves of the theory of the more factor. The rich would rather work hard to gain more wealth even at the expense of the poor, than to collaborate and work together with the poor to help them improve their living condition (Maasik ;Solomon 8-9).

            According to an article written by Philippines (6-8), China and Japan are ranked as having the best technological systems in the world. They are termed as very creative and innovative countries. They have developed so much that they lead an easy life which should be comfortable. Being human beings they are not satisfied with their knowledge which earns them respect and economic power over some countries. They want to earn more at a minimal cost thus end up producing substandard goods and services.

For instance infant milk and toys manufactured by China have been restricted in every corner of the world since the milk is unfit for human consumption and the toys pose a danger to the children playing with them. Recently warning of some hair bands that are manufactured by China was given out since China recycled used condoms to provide the elasticity needed when making a hair bands. This clearly depicts their need of creating more wealth at a minimal expense so as to continue growing rich without considering the implications of their actions. Not only China is involved in this quest of earning more at minimal costs, but it is a weakness observed in every human being and especially the third world countries.            The more factor is generally not bad if implemented wisely with no personal gain desire. It can help one to succeed in life and always have an optimistic view of things. Though if not controlled it can get out of hand and cause problems that may be difficult to solve or correct.

Thus as everyone implements the more factor theory, know your limits.Word count:1065Works citedMaasik Sonia and Solomon Jack. Signs of Life in the USA. 5th ed. Bedford/St: Martins, 2003.Philippines.

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