The Morning with a Really Bad Mood Essay

Bad days can happen to anyone of us. There are days where nothing goes our way or days when you wake up in the morning with a really bad mood. Despite that, we still have to wake up, get out of bed and face the day. When I am having a bad day, I will ensure that no decisions are made throughout the day regardless of the matter’s urgency because I believe that a wise decision is made based on clear emotions as well as logic. When facing a bad day, there are a few things I would do to turn my bad day around.

After getting up in the morning, I would lock myself up in my own apartment, away from all the disturbance and noises that could possibly worsen my day. I will tune in to some of my favourite classical piano songs while reflecting on the problems that I am facing and find ways or solutions to solve the problem. After a while, I would take a short nap approximately 30 to 60 minutes to unwind myself. After the nap, I would take my bike and ride it to the gym to work out. I will spend roughly one and a half hour at the gym.

By doing so, I believe this will help me de-stress and release my tension. After working out at the gym, I will then go to the nearest A;amp;W to have a glass of root beer and a plate of waffle. After having my root beer and waffle, later on, I will ride back home to my apartment to take a warm and relaxing bath. Then I would call up home to inform my mother that I would be going over to the house for dinner. I will spend the rest of the evenings with my parents and my little siblings by dining and watching television together.

Later in the night, I will bring both my parents and little siblings out to the nearest Mcdonalds to have some ice cream for desserts. We will have some family bonding time by laughing and joking with one another. After spending the whole evening with my family, afterwards, I will drive back to my house and upon arrival I would browse through the internet for some encouraging and motivational quotes online. These online quotes help motivates me in such a way that it empowers my emotions and I am ready to go to bed feeling refreshed and happy the next morning.

When I am faced with this kind of situation, I will spend most of the time by myself in order for me to reflect on the things that have been happening to my life and problems that I had to deal with. I would also spend some quality time with my family as they are the ones who have always been there to comfort and guide me throughout my good and bad days. At the end of the day, I will feel better and more relaxed thus I am able to face the following day. (511)