The Motorcycle Diaries Essay

The Motorcycle Diaries

Making a choice, more often than not, is a matter of logical and moralistic judgment. People always tend to choose what is right because choices people make profoundly affect their personal lives as well as the lives of the people around them.  However, what an individual constitutes as the right choice does not always justify his or her actions in the context of logic and morality.  Ernesto “Che” Guevarra’s choice to revolt against the social injustices in South America, for instance, becomes a questionable act in a logical and moralistic sense.

Guevara’s decision to revolt against the plagues of the human condition is a blind conviction brought about by his exposure to both the literal and figurative forms of injustice.  Logically, his decision to become a revolutionary is not a plausible idea because his compassion to the events he saw and the people he encountered are roused by impulse.  Having an impulsive response to individual and collective social injustices, Guevara then does not have a valid or justifiable motive in revolting against the plague he aims to eradicate

In a moral perspective, contrary to Guevara’s belief that “a revolution without guns will never work (Salles, 2004),” violence does not resolve any dispute in any given circumstance.  His decision to become a radical element fighting against a destructive social force means that, he is simply replacing a destructive element with a more destructive element.  Furthermore, Guevara can exercise constructive ways of fighting injustice, which may include conducting medical missions, seeking funding to improve public health, and sharing his knowledge in the field of medicine to help needy and impoverished people.

The choices people make change the course of people’s lives, regardless if the choice has a positive or negative effect.  As far as Ernesto Guevara’s case is concerned, while he chose to fight the good fight, he failed to acknowledge that apart from violent means, there are other ways to counte4r and resist the dominance of injustice.


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