The movie “Memento” Essay

When we define memory we see it as an individual’s ability to hive away. retain and callback information. Though there have been many movies which have chronicled the battles of assorted persons with memory loss. One of the most singular movies which portray the chief character enduring from Anterograde Amnesia is the film “Memento” . This subject will try to reply whether this movie accurately depicts the status of Anterograde Amnesia and whether it reflects the current apprehension of this status in our society.

The film Memento follows the life of an insurance research worker by the name of Leonard Shelby who loses the ability to do new memories after he is struck on the caput during a break-in. Leonard’s married woman is killed during the interruption in and the constabulary ne’er manage to happen the adult male who killed her. This forms the chief intent for the movies supporter who despite his status goes on a personal campaign to happen his wife’s slayer. a adult male by the name of John G.

In order to explicate his status Leonard inside informations a instance he came across as an insurance agent for his company before his accident where a adult male known as Sammy Jankis suffered from the same status of Anterograde Amnesia. Due to his limited apprehension of the status Leonard wrote down Sammy’s status as being psychological instead than physical. Leonard is merely able to work and look into the slaying by tattooing assorted hints to different parts of his organic structure along with the aid of a constabulary officer by the name of Teddy ( Nolan and Nolan ) .

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Anterograde Amnesia is a physical complaint which depicts the loss of memory which occurs after the event which caused memory loss. This status can besides do a shortage in attending and inaccurate perceptual experience of events. It can be induced in one of two ways. The first which is mentioned above may be due to trauma. The 2nd is drug induced. The method by which this physical alteration can happen in this status is due to traumatic encephalon hurt.

In this the person may hold hurt to certain parts of the encephalon such as the intellectual cerebral mantle. sub cortical projections. hippocampal formation or the interbrains in the median parts of the dorso medial and next midplane karyon of the thalamus. However. there is a deficiency of a scaling system for the classification of this ailment go forthing many physicians and wellness workers to calculate out the extent of the memory loss for themselves ( Cantu ) . In order to name this upset a broad assortment of amnesic symptoms may be present with several broad fluctuations.

A history is normally taken in order to determine the oncoming of the amnesic symptoms. The person may besides kick of other symptoms such as concern. giddiness. and no orientation in clip and infinite. A physical scrutiny is done where recent. short and long term memory is tested and neurological testing is besides done along with trials to determine higher encephalon maps such as thought procedure and address. Trials are so done sooner an MRI or a CT scan in order to name any injury to the encephalon along with an EEG to govern out epilepsy ( mdguidelines ) .

In my sentiment the upset in the film is portrayed in a extremely accurate mode particularly in the instance of demoing the tattoos and the Polaroid’s as a manner for Leonard to retrieve and safeguard the inside informations about his wife’s instance. The chief character uses several tools at his disposal in order to acquire carry through his mission. He uses Mnemonics and tattoos them on his organic structure in order to retrieve of import topographic points. times and events. One other status that the movie uses rather efficaciously without straight mentioning to it is the creative activity of false memories.

This is evidenced during the movies stoping where the character of Teddy Tells Leonard how he uses the character of Sammy Jankis in order to cover up his ain weaknesss with his married woman. The creative activity of such memories is used by the lead character is used to conceal the traumatic and emotional memory of sing this status with his married woman. In order to treat this memory the chief character uses a method known as rehabilitative memory where he fills in the missing elements of his deformed memory ( III and McDermott ) .

It besides shows accurately the limited apprehension of modern medical scientific discipline in respects to the human head and how there is no remedy or proper diagnostic standards for this status which exists today. The movie nevertheless does demo a scene where a layperson insurance research worker efforts to determine whether one of his clients his lying about the status by utilizing electrified blocks in an effort to make a erudite response from Mr. Jankis. His subsequent failure in making so and his neglect and incredulity towards his status shows the current social sentiment sing the cogency of this disease and the perceptual experience of it at big.

One weakness that the film does hold nevertheless is in the perennial actions of the chief character which in fact allow him to larn certain actions through repeat. Although the story’s word picture of the chief character of Sammy Jankis is rather accurate in demoing that an person with this signifier of Anterograde memory loss is unable to larn new accomplishments. The character of Leonard nevertheless in this narrative does non look to hold this defect and finds himself able to make his mundane undertakings with a degree of efficiency that is typically non seen in patients with this signifier of Amnesia.

Diagnostically nevertheless the movie is honest in stating there is no remedy for this status. As mentioned before even though medical scientific discipline has an understanding sing the mechanism of how short term and long term memory plants. they do non hold a full apprehension of how the lesions caused by assorted injuries can convey about either retrograde or Anterograde memory loss. However. it should be noted that though this movie does make some consciousness about the troubles faced by persons who are enduring from this disease it does non to the full encapsulate how the lives of these persons are genuinely affected by this status.

The loss of long term memory development non merely leaves them unable to work or even map on their ain. It besides leaves them a load to their households as they require a changeless degree of attention twenty four hours a twenty-four hours which some households merely can non afford to give. Additionally. psychological attitudes towards this status are non favourable ; oftentimes physicians will order benzo diazepines which may really hold caused this status in the first topographic point. How society and medical scientific discipline discoveries it manner to better understanding this status will merely hold to be seen. Work Cited Cantu. Robert C.

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