The movies “The Miracle Worker” and “Children Of A Lesser God” Essay

The movies “The Miracle Worker” and “Children Of A Lesser God” are both stories about the struggles of two young women who are hearing impaired, who are being persuaded to come out of their “shells”. They both have similar and different main characters, realism in conflicts, and storylines. Firstly, main characters in the stories are very similar. In the novel “The Miracle Worker” the main character is a young girl who is deaf and blind. Helen Keller was considered a brat and was spoiled by her parents. She had a very hard child hood.

Her parents did not know how to deal with her situation so a teacher named Annie was hired to educate her. She wanted to teach her discipline and a language that she could understand so she could communicate with others. Helen was unwilling to learn. Helen did whatever she wanted because she lacked discipline. Helen would eat off other peoples plates at the dinner and crawl under the table. She needed to break free.

Her parents did not know how to perform sign language. Sarah is the main character of “Children Of A Lesser God”.She is a young woman who is also deaf. She works as a cleaning lady at a deaf school and Leeds is a teacher who works there. He wanted to help Sarah learn how to speak but she was also unwilling to learn.

She also had a rough childhood and didn’t communicate with her mother. Her mother did not know how to perform sign language. When she was younger her mother told Leeds that people made fun of her whenever she tried to speak so she stopped trying to talk. Conflict Secondly, the conflicts and plots in the stories are very realistic.In “The miracle worker” Helen’s parents are faced to deal with her disability and they don’t know how to handle her situation.

They don’t know how to communicate with her so, they tried to make her life simple by giving her whatever she wanted and letting her do whatever she wanted no matter how severe her actions would be. They smothered her and spoiled her with love and affection. Annie has difficulty disciplining Helen and teaching her language. During a scene at the dinner table when Helen comes home from school with Annie, Helen tests Annie by kicking at the dinner table.Annie tries to stop her but Helen splashes water in her face. “Children Of A Lesser God” Has similar conflicts. Sarah’s and her mother have not communicated in over eight years. Her mother never learned how to so sign language so they never could communicate with each other.

Her mother believed that she didn’t want to speak with her. Leeds had difficulty teaching Sarah how to speak. She was stubborn and never wanted to learn. Leeds tried very hard to persuade Sarah to learn. He even went to see her mother to try and figure out why she didn’t want to learn. The Miracle Worker” and “Children Of a Lesser God’ have similarities in their storylines. Both stories are about hearing impaired females who remain in an environment where life is made simple for them.

Sarah keeps a job as a cleaning lady even though she is qualified to get a better job.She is content with being a cleaning lady because she said she can work in silence and work alone she also said she likes the toilet bowl cleaner. Helen’s parents let her do whatever she wanted.

Whenever she was bad her parents would give her hugs and treats to calm down. In both stories teachers push them into independence. The Miracle Worker” is based upon a teacher-student relationship that blooms into a loving friendship. ” Children Of a Lesser God” is based upon a teacher- Student relationship that blooms into a loving romantic connection. The storylines are similar but the relationships in the stories are different. In conclusion, “The Miracle Worker” and “Children Of A Lesser God” movie both have similar main characters, conflicts and storylines.

Sarah and Helen are both hearing impaired and both live in environment where life is made simple for them. In the movie “The Miracle Worker” everyone changes