The Myths of Bhangarh Fort Essay

MYTHS OF BHANGARH FORT WITH CONTEXT TOMYSTERIOUS FORT OF BHANGARHIntroduction There are many of us who believe in shades. Do they really exist? Can they be felt? If you want to acquire the reply, do a trip to the most obsessed topographic point in India, Bhangarh Fort. It is located in Rajasthan and has attracted many tourers. Bhangarh Fort was built in 17Thursdaycentury by the orders of King Madho Singh. A new small town of Bhangarh with a population of 1,306 in 200 families has developed outside the bounds of the Fort as there is fright of shades stalking the old metropolis. The garrison is now good preserved by the authorities of India.The repute of the town of Bhangarh is such that there isn’t any office of Archeological Survey of India though the authorities regulations states that there must be an office of ASI at every historical site.

The nearest 1 is the kilometre away- adequate distance between functionaries and the creeps. The obsessed ruins of Bhangarh garrison has now become a large tourer topographic point during the Commonwealth Games.The Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation ( RTDC ) has included Bhangarh in a tour bundle particularly designed for the games.Bhangarh Fort is located in the border of the Sariska Reserve in the Aravalli scope of hills in the Alwar territory in Rajasthan.

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The nearest small town is Golakha. The garrison is situated at the pes of the hills on inclining terrain. The amendss of the King’s castle is located on the lower inclines of the hills and the trees surround the pool country and a natural watercourse falls into the pool within the premises of the topographic point. The garrison is located 235 kilometers from Delhi and the attack to the entryway gate of the garrison in the last 2 kilometers stretch of the route is an unpaved route. The garrison is 32 kilometers from Thana Ghazi.As we enter the garrison gives us a unusual feeling as it is a wholly damaged garrison metropolis which we call Bhoot Bangla ( house of shades ) .

There are temples, havelis and castle locates at the chief entry of the garrison. The temples of Hanuman and Mahadeva are really beautiful and elegant. They are built in the manner of empty tomb instead than temples. The Muslim grave which is found outside of the garrison is reported to be that of one of the boies of King Hari Singh who converted to Islam.As we enter the garrisons there is Hanuman Temple with an graven image but as we move frontward all the temples that we encounter are at that place without the graven image, which many people think as a enigma.

Talking about the rubric there are many more enigmas related to Bhangarh Fort, the garrison which has made people uncomfortable inside it. There are besides many myths related to Bhangarh garrison which will expose the truth behind it. The first myth is related to Guru Balu Nath and the 2nd one is related to Princess Ratnavati and her lover Singhia.TENTATIVE ChaptersChapter I- IntroductionBhangarh garrison, located around 220 kilometres from Delhi, is a topographic point named as the most obsessed topographic point in India. A metropolis with which there are so many narratives and myths related that can easy elicit one’s involvement.

A garrison standing damaged which is much demand of reinstatement, rocks that were one time put together to organize walls now fall apart, remains of what were one time shops and houses, surrounded by mountains on 3 sides to forestall enemies to come in, immense trees in the campus, a temple at the chief gate and a notice outside the chief gate by Archeological Survey of India ( ASI ) .In old times, unlike the other garrisons in India, it was non merely a king’s abode in there but an full town behind those great walls which are now shattered. A chief market country, lined with ruin stores, houses and abodes of other common and of import people and at the far corner the king’s castle built at some tallness and overlooking the full town.Now what happened here is something that no 1 knows in certain.

There are merely two narratives related to Bhangarh to be found on web and in the books. Some historiographers said that Bhangarh was inhabited for centuries even before it was built into a royal metropolis in 1573. It is said that there was a affluent town with people over 10,000 lived there prosperity. Even now it can non be denied that the little town one time was a beautiful topographic point with well- maintained gardens and temples.But what happened there which turned the beautiful metropolis into a tattered topographic point is something that no 1 knows precisely. There are two narratives related to it and both are interesting and spooky.Chapter II- The Bhangarh narrativeBhangarh, a abandoned town with some 1000 home was established in 1573 during the reign of Bhagwant Das. Bhagarh is said to the occupant of Madho Singh, the 2nd boy of Bhagwant Das.

Madho Singh is said to be the younger boy of Emperor Akbar’s general, Man Singh I. there are several narratives related to the courage of Madho Singh. He is said to hold participated in several runs with his male parent and brother. After Madho Singh, his boy Chattar Singhdied in 1630, and it is said that after his decease, Bhangarh easy declined.With the transition of clip, the Mughal Empire declined.

After the decease of Emperor Aurangzeb, Jai Singh II attached Bhangarh to his province. He conquered the town in 1720. The population of Bhangarh began to decrease after his move by Jai Singh II. In the twelvemonth 1783, a annihilating dearth compelled the town inhabitants to go forth it and travel someplace else. Since that clip, this historical town the Bhangarh has remained uninhabited.Chapter III- Myths related to Bhangarh FortPeoples have said that before Bhangarh Fort was built, there lived a monastic or a Guru named as Balu Nath. He used to populate at that place entirely.

He was a sannyasi and has given all his secular pleasances and desires and dedicated his life to God. He was non in the favour of constructing a town because that would intend a batch of people and perturbation in his concentration towards God. However though, after much persuasion by King Bhagwant Das he agreed on one status that the shadow of the king’s castle would ne’er touch Balu Nath or his abode or the metropolis will die. Initially, the castle consisted only3 or 4 floors to honour Balu Nath’s status.But later after some old ages, Balu Nath’s warning was forgotten and one of the ulterior male monarchs, Ajab Singh rebuilt the castle by adding 3 more floors to the bing 3 or 4 floors. But this caused the palace’s shadow to the abode where of Balu Nath lived.

This caused the warning to alter into a expletive and the metropolis easy declined. But how this all happened is something that no 1 knows and remains a enigma.Another version of the narrative is that he did non really intend by stating that the shadow of the castle should ne’er touch him. He merely said that to maintain him off from the full perturbation that is created by the people but as the clip passed the population of the town increased and his warning was forgotten. He was so started to be bothered by the people and in the choler he cursed the metropolis to die.Peoples say that the grave of Balu Nath is still there in the garrison and he rises every dark to stalk the castle.Second myth is a narrative of one sided love that changed into passion, narrative of Rani Ratnavati whose beauty was matchless in the whole of Rajasthan. While some people say that she was the princess of Bhangarh, some besides say that she was herself the queen, married to the male monarch.

When the princess turned 18 she started to acquire matrimony proposal from princes from other provinces. Bing a really beautiful adult female she even had many supporters inside Bhangarh excessively and one such was Singhia, a magician. He was passionately in love with her but he knew that their lucifer was impossible.Peoples say that one time the princess with her amahs went sing the market to purchase some scented oil.

Singhia saw her and got an thought by which he could run into the princess. He used his black thaumaturgy which will hypnotise the princess to give up herself to the magician. The princess foiled this program though. She saw the magician enrapturing the oil, and hence, threw it off, whereupon the flagon rolled over a rock. The oil when touched the rock rolled over the magician and crushed him. While deceasing, Singhia cursed the castle with decease of everyone who lives in it, without any metempsychosis in their fates.There is another version of the narrative ; Singhia gave the scented oil to one of her amahs to go through on to the princess. The amah gave it to the princess.

But the princess was good verse with the cult and she knew the tantra and spells herself. Equally shortly as she touched the oil, she found out what Singhia did to it. She threw the oil on Singhia and as the oil touches him, the individual who himself cursed it died a really painful decease and so he cursed Bhangarh.In the undermentioned twelvemonth, there was a conflict fought between Ajabgarh and Bhangarh in which Bhangarh lost and Rani Ratnavati died. The town was damaged in it.Peoples say that Ratnavati has taken birth someplace else and want her to come back as to elate the expletive.Chapter IV- ConclusionThere are many articles on web which negotiations about many skittish experiences of people who have visited the Bhangarh garrison. Many people have experienced external respiration jobs and felt like person is watching them inside the garrison.

Harmonizing to Zee News, there is some negative spirit inside the chief castle. The whole squad of the intelligence has spent a whole dark inside the garrison seeking what is at that place in it that has made the topographic point the most obsessed topographic point. Many people have besides heard high pitch shrieks from the mountains and have besides seen blur figure of a adult female walking about. Many people have accepted that there is something cryptic that could non be denied.

Most people have believed that the 2nd narrative which is the narrative of Ratnavati is true as it has increased the wonder of many tourers to see the garrison. Peoples who have stayed there have heard the sounds of music and tickle of bobbysocks. That merely shows that the narrative of ranee Ratnavati is far factual than the narrative of Balu Nath.

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