The Name Of The Organizations That Essay

The name of the organizations that had stake in the drilling operation was a South Korean company Haunted Heavy Industries owned by Transoceanic. The rig operated under the Marshaled flag of convenience and was charted to BP was the operator and principal developer. BP prospect with a 65% share, while 25% was owned by Andorra petroleum corporation, and 10% by MOOSE offshore a unit of Mitosis. Do believe that these organizations should be held responsible for the oil spill.

This oil spill claimed 11 lives and a lot of injuries. It was the largest accidental oil marine oil spill in history. The oil gusher flowed for 87 days, the estimated a flow rate was 1,000 to 5,000 barrels per day. While doing damage to the following states Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. Which means all of the countless animals and all the wildlife that was affected by the oil spill.

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The importance of safety dealing with oil have to think outside of what’s ongoing on the rig you have to have that what if factor. Not having not much of choice but to be safe because not only is BP tendering the lives that’s on the rig their also tendering the people that live on the gulf of whatever state the rig is on. They also have to think about the wildlife that also live on or in the gulf. Think this is when the circle of life comes in play it’s natures way of taking and giving life back to earth but that’s what think.

When a spill is this major you have to have a safety strategic. Plus I think there should be a way to contain the oil and not let it just flow in the the water. Technology is way to advance to not be able to contain the event that this should happen again. I believe that Macon as well as BP Exploration and Production Inc. Was responsible for the safety of the rig. Think that BP should do a weekly test on the rigs to make sure that everything is working properly.