The who is on the quest not

The nature of discovery comprises a journey that is transformative
and concerns one’s relationship with one’s self or one’s world. Discoveries as
a whole can be either desired or accomplished serendipitously which can result
in a positive or negative chain of events, but no matter the caliber of the
discovery they are all concerned with the acquisition of greater knowledge and
a new perspective. Such philosophies are represented in The Tempest, a
1611 inimitable love story exploring human delicateness and the contrasts of humankind,
allowing the reader to question and provoke past perceptions and thus uncover
new discoveries which are fresh and meaningful emotionally. Similar ideas are explored
in The Rosie Project a 2013 novel which speaks to the power of the human
spirit to generate and create change. These ideas are shown through a series of
romantic and comedic errors of a man with undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome named
Don Tillson who searches for the ideal wife via a questionnaire of his own
devising. The Rosie Project uses a tinted view of society to show the
true ideals we strive for and how they are clouded by societal expectations
leading us to the espial notion of life.


Point 1-

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Compliance to one’s preceding segregation and revelation to new ways
of thinking can aid a new understanding of oneself and the world around them
forcing an unnatural change in human nature. Graeme Simsion conveys a middle
aged man who is on the quest not for love but for a wife. The reader lives in
Dons mind seeing what he sees, feeling what he feels, this unique aspect makes
way for the introduction of a character who is not your ordinary protagonist questioning
societal norms but going along with them to not being seen out of place.

He then meets Rosie a red haired beauty who is according to the
questionnaire ‘completely unsuitable due
to her smoking, unfitness and late arrival’. However, her presences
provokes an awakening in Don’s soul but due to his pre-determined standards of
the ideal woman he waves her off conflicting with his inner emotions.

Then throughout the novel Don undergoes an inner transformation
questioning himself and his predetermined view of the perfect wife as set out
in his questionnaire. This leads to a serendipitous discovery as seen “And it dawned on me that I had not designed
the questionnaire to find a woman I could accept, but to find someone who might
accept me” this realization enacts an emotion into Don revealing his love
for Rosie, then then realizes

that his existing view of the world has concealed from him the true
potential of a mind open to future unexpected possibilities.






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Unpredicted or unsolicited discoveries can have a major
transformative influence upon lives, obliging individuals to reassesses their
previous actions and cultural beliefs.

The Tempest in Act 1 of The Whirlwind capacities as an impetus for
revelation, permitting a physical disclosure of the island and the violence
movement of the characteristic request. Prospero is initially malignant to
Alonso and his ‘false brother” Antonio, because of their parts in his
usurpation. The tempest looks at despicable paradox, as well as the
interference in the characteristic state for progressive request, prompting
Boatswain playing the charging part on the ship amid the tempest.

Boatswain once in control brutally arranges his for the most part
bosses to remain off the beaten path, this is appeared in “What cares  these roarers for the name of the king?”
Consequently, the disturbance of the tempest has prompted a barometrical marvel
of the common request prompting the characters having a further comprehension
of self-disclosure concerning their sensitive and immaterial nature of their
energy and place inside society.

The disruption of order has similar ramification in The Rosie Project
when’s Don’s life is thrown out of proportion once he meets Rosie. Thus, it
is evident through the storm in The Tempest

and Rosie in The Rosie Project to see the transformative
effects of discovery can be enhanced through their unexpected or unwanted






Point 3- Clear


Nature is at its most prevalent when you ignore the light in your life. This is
shown in the discovery of true transformation where characters fully comprehend
what is taking place around them and reveal their basic instinctual nature.

Like The
Tempest, The Rosie Project focuses on many aspects of self-discovery for
multiple characters. Throughout the novel Don is not the only person who
undergoes a transformative journey. While Don is searching for the perfect wife,
Rosie is searching for her biological father because she assumes this will find
her the ‘perfect father’ even though
she has loving step-father. Similar to Don, Rosie is so focused on the end game
and she forgets the experiences of the journey and fails to observe the present
and appreciate the ones who have always been there for her. Rather than
confront and examine her life Rosie believes that her discovery will come
through a process of deliberate and careful planning shown in her and Don’s
‘The Father Project’ which is in place to find Rosie’s biological father. Ironically
however the discoveries they make are not as a result of their deliberate and
careful planning but arise as a consequence of their openness to engage with
people they would not normally interact with. While this interaction is
initially driven by their desire to have their planned goals come to fruition,
they finally realise that it has been the unexpected consequences of the
journey, the personal discoveries they have made about themselves, that has led
them both to achieve their goals, it is here Don understands the feeling inside
himself due to this quote “Love is a
powerful feeling for another person, often defying logic” this statement
shows the completion of Don’s journey, the end result of a series of smaller
discoveries leading to a fully transformed man.


Point 4: Lookover


The thing that makes us human is the differentiated uniqueness in
the way we act and think, we are never truly challenged until we test


Inside The Storm the differentiated reactions to a common revelation
demonstrate the significance of a person’s viewpoint and response and how there
are various implications to a similar circumstance. This is appeared in the
physical disclosure of the island, Adrian verbalizes his repugnance of the new
setting shouting it as ‘Uninhabitable, and almost inaccessible’ while Gonzalo
see’s the island as ‘everything adventurous to life’. The comparing
methodologies and Gonzalo’s idealistic guess demonstrate the groundbreaking
quality of the person’s mentality towards a revealing of prospect and
revelation. Gonzalo’s uplifting state of mind once landing on the island as
observed in ‘Methinks our garments are now as fresh as when we put them on
first in Afric’ is an illustration for the crisp weltanschauung occurring in
Gonzalo’s mind dispensing with all negatives on the island and just
concentrating on the positives like the ‘lush and lusty grass’ enabling himself
to be available to future potential outcomes on this island. This is exhibited
in The Rosie Project in Rosie’s disclosure that it doesn’t make a
difference who her biological father is but instead the person who has
dependably been there for her.




Overall, it is evident through The Tempest and The Rosie Project
that discoveries have the potential to have a transformative effect upon an
individual and the ones around them in influential and critical way, this all
depends on an individual’s ability to open up and willingly accept discovery.