The necklace 

Helen Kim 810Friday, January 19, 2018The Necklace: Staying True to Yourself          Have you ever longed or dreamt of becoming a new and improved individual? Many people long for a specific identity to be that ‘specific person’. In the short story, “The Necklace”, Guy de Maupassant shows you how to accept who you are through the conflicts of the main character, Mathilde Loisel. The theme is shown through these reasons: Mathilde’s devastation is clearly shown by the fact that she is of lower class and pities herself, starts accepting who she is after losing her necklace and Mathilde Loisel fights against her identity. For these reasons, the theme of the story is about being true to yourself.          Mathilde Loisel is devastated by the fact that she is of a lower class and pities herself instead of waking up in reality and accept who she is. Mathilde, being born into a lower class family and being a housewife of the nineteenth century; she had no power and lived a lower class life. Knowing that she has no chance of living a luxurious life and have a higher social status, Mathilde envies those with power and a higher class. As the text states, Mathilde Loisel dreams of expensive foods, furniture, cutlery, and money, instead of accepting who she is.             After realizing that she, Mathilde Loisel had lost Mme. Forestier’s necklace, she starts accepting her identity. She starts to realize the fact that now she has to pay the debt for the loss of the necklace. Mathilde comes to reality and accepts the act that she is of lower status. As the text states, “Mme Loisel experiences the horrible life the needy life, she played her part, however, with sudden heroism, that frightful debt had to be paid. She would pay for it.” Therefore, after losing her necklace, Mathilde experiences identity change and starts accepting who she is.          Mathilde Loisel was fighting against her identity instead of truly accepting her identity. As the text explains, Mathilde is a pretty and charming girl born into a meager family. She knows she is pretty but is underprivileged. She does not want to accept who she is and instead she tries to change it. Though she desires many things, she can only dream about it. Therefore, the theme of “The Necklace”, to be true to yourself, is proven when Mme. Loisel fought against her identity instead of truly accepting herself.          The theme of the short story is to embrace your identity and who you are. Firstly,  Mathilde is devastated by her low social status and pities herself.  Secondly, she experiences identity change and starts accepting it. Lastly, Mathilde Loisel fights against who and what she is. Noreen Sumpter once said, “Accepting yourself is a big step, but it is the most important one in your life.”